Print Job Management Software - PrintPLANR

  • Job Production Management


  • Electronic Job Cards that can be assigned to your staff

  • The Job Manager tracks and manages your current work in production. With the help of the print management software, you can view the status of all print jobs. You can even view details of a specific job and item with this job tracker.

    Functionality of the Job Management Module:

    • Successful print estimates are progressed to become a job in production. This avoids unnecessary data entry;
    • Create new print jobs from this very module. If required, modify job items to alter their specification;
    • Create customized PDF job tickets or work orders that can be readily printed or emailed;
    • Quickly assign electronic job cards to workers;
    • Create purchase orders right from the job, making the process of sending orders to inventory or outwork suppliers easy, create delivery notes and box labels to have them ready to email, too;
    • Create invoices from completed jobs or those that are under production, and e-mail them to customers, hassle-free, from this job tracker;
    • Quick links ensures easy navigation to linked records;
    • Real-time information regarding jobs – the job tracker manages and tracks print jobs by delivery date and status;
    • Print jobs are color coded and sorted by delivery date. Find the highlighted jobs that need to be completed ASAP.
    • Job reports can be created according to your customization. These reports are a great way to keep up with history of jobs and can be made use of, anytime in the future.