Quote Management

  • Multiple Estimate Template to create your quote to stay competitive


  • Accurate Print Estimates

  • For any printing business, accurate print estimates become utmost important. And this will require a print estimating system (software) that is not just efficient but is also flexible and easy to use.

    The Print Estimating software offered with PrintPLANR works for:

    • Large format print estimation with linear meter and square meter (sq m) pricing (imperial measurement available on request);
    • Flatbed print estimating;
    • Outwork print estimating (for print managers and print brokers);
    • Offset sheet printing;
    • Digital print estimating using a click charge;
    • Other miscellaneous costs include pre-press and post press. Additional costs involve delivery costs, pick-up costs, packaging costs, etc;
    • Customized product catalog that involves frequently quoted printing products;
    • Contract pricing for specific customers.
  • The Print Estimate Manager Screen displays:

    • All current print estimates, making it easy for you to sort out current opportunities;
    • Search filters that enable search for estimates using attributes such as status, customer name, salesperson, etc;
    • As with every other module, even this screen is customizable to fit exactly what you want to see.

    Functionality of the Print Estimating System:

    • Three-stage, easy-to-use print estimating process;
    • Estimate summary screen shows cost breakdown for each item, estimate up to four quantities in a single shot;
    • Modify the estimate to alter items specifications depending upon the estimated margins and gross profit;
    • Quote multiple items with one main item and other sub-items under that item or with all different main items;
    • Estimate many similar print items with the option of easy copy of items;
    • Copy print estimates for either the same or a different customer and save from the scratch each time;
    • Allocate a status for individual print estimates to track progress;
    • E-mail customers right from the system by creating PDF estimates and quote templates;
    • Successful print estimates are progressed to become a job in production while unsuccessful ones are archived for future reference, so you do not need to memorize everything;
    • Build custom print estimate reports and save these reports for future use.

    Contact us to get a demo or free trial for the quote management module.