• Workflow Management Information System for Printing Companies


  • PrintPLANR works for any size of printing business.

    PrintPLANR serves as a complete management information system. No matter the size of your business, the software solution Print Management Information System (Print MIS) works for you!

    The solution works for printing, signage and promotional companies and can be used by all levels of management users, technicians, designers, print managers and sales team.

  • Digital Print

  • Offset Print

  • Large Format (Signage)

  • Promotional Products


  • Print CRM

  • The module Print CRM as we often call it, enables you to manage your database and use advanced features to serve your prospects and customers in a better way. Some of the features include:

    • Manage Customers, multiple contacts, departments, locations, notes, tasks and all info under one roof.
    • Manage your leads, create web to lead forms and manage various statuses to measure the probability of the lead via conversion.
    • Forecasting tool to measure the Sales KPI.
    • Dashboard to get a quick snapshot of how your business is doing and areas that require your attention.
    • Supplier/Vendor Management with automated business rules for easy workflow & automation.
    • Customized reports to get your type of report from the raw data.
    • Unlimited Settings to customize to fit your business needs.

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  • Print Estimation/Quote Management

  • Print Estimating or Quote Management Module empowers you with various templates to suit your quote requirement. Specific ready-templates are provided for various types of printing to allow your sales team to stay competitive with their quote. Some of the features include:

    • Digital, Offset, Signage (large format), Product Catalog or Miscellaneous, our specific templates help your team create a quote to suit your customer needs and for your company to calculate the right amount of margin.
    • Create your customer requirement and get your vendors/suppliers to quote. Compare, add markup and send quote to your customers.
    • Generate and email the quote in your designed PDF format with your branding and send it across to your customer with restricted information.
    • Various statuses to measure the probability of that quote.
    • Add more items, copy, edit or run quote with various options and a host of other features.
    • Dashboards and Reporting to measure and view the status of your quoting system.

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  • Print Job Management/Electronic Job Card

  • Print Jobs can be tricky at times. PrintPLANR helps you organize your jobs based on their assigned deadlines. Some of the features include:

    • Manage the complete workflow of an Order Fulfillment or Job Processing including Pre-Press Jobs, Press, Post-Press & Dispatch.
    • Create Electronic Job Cards and link the process with status of the Job.
    • Create Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes and Products from within the job screen. Saves time and avoids repeated data entry.
    • Record the planned and the actual timeline & costing to measure the cost of sales & the actual profit therein.
    • Automate the process with various actions & change of status.
    • Generate reports and dashboard widgets for a detailed insight of the whole process.

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  • Purchase Order/Vendor Bills Management

  • Suppliers/Vendor bills management is a key element in printing business. Be it paper, ink or other consumable items, easy ordering is a must and that’s where PrintPLANR inventory linked with suppliers comes into play. Features include:

    • Link your consumable items with suppliers for one-click Purchase Order (PO) creation.
    • Create easy outwork jobs PO and monitor the goods received by customer.
    • Map this with supplier invoice and export the purchase orders to your accounting software.
    • Create a purchase order from multiple jobs or multiple purchase orders from one job.
    • Record payment and also mark goods as received.
    • Review your purchase via Reporting and Dashboard features.

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  • Print Invoicing, Payment and Accounts

  • Invoice your customers before the job starts and/or on its completion. Creating Invoices is very easy – the system automatically picks the job information and the Invoice Contact from the CRM database. Features include:

    • Combine multiple jobs of the same customer on to one invoice or create multiple invoices for various items within the Job.
    • Create Performa Invoice or Invoice your customer post production and/or delivery.
    • Set due date based on CRM setting per customer.
    • Record Payments as and when they are made.
    • Set accounting code as per the job and export these invoices in a scheduled or an automated manner to your existing accounting software.
    • Run reports and view invoices on dashboard to have a better control on customer billing and payment.

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  • Product Catalog/Warehouse Products

  • PrintPLANR works beautifully for printers stocking products for their customers or print managers managing products for their customers. Features include:

    • Unlimited settings to create various product types broadly classified into Editable, Non-Editable and Stock Products.
    • Stock Products further have various options to suit customer requirements.
    • Dynamic Kit Products help promotional companies to know and sell the products individually or as a kit.
    • Various Pricing & Discount Options.
    • Allow online proofing of Editable Products. Create Editable Products using WYSIWYG (‘What you see is what you get’ editor)
    • Create additional options with each product to allow customers to further customize the product, hence reducing time, to serve better.

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  • Reporting & Live Dashboard

  • This is where PrintPLANR gives more power to its customers to get the best out the data accumulated by their business. Saved, Customized, ‘Build your own report’ and dashboard features give each user (as per their role/access) more power to measure the business success and take the right business decision.

    • Various ready-made reports for each module to get instant data on the screen or export to excel, PDF or CSV/Text format.
    • Create your own report – empowers you to select the information and the filters you want and not wait for the technical team to build the report for you.
    • Dashboard – Both summarized and detailed info gives a clear insight of how and what direction the business is moving.
    • Various rules/access controls to avoid misuse of these data and/or export out of the system.

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  • Settings & Customization

  • Operate PrintPLANR the way you want or the way your business needs. Unlimited settings to set your data, rules and workflow.

    • Brand the entire solution as per your logo, branding, colors, headers and footer.
    • Create unlimited access roles and provide your users with limited or full access. Hide your costing, profit-margin or even the selling price from some of your staff-users.
    • Automate workflow to save time and execute your work faster.
    • Emails, Alerts, Content, Templates – we created just what the industry asked for.

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  • Integrate Print MIS

  • PrintPLANR understands your need of a specialist software at some places to perform industry-standard work like Proofing, Sending Data on to the Press and/or sending delivery information to third party warehouse or carrier company. We allow all of these with our custom development module:

    • Get your lead directly on to the PrintPLANR system.
    • Create RFQ for your customer to feed directly into the quote system.
    • Orders from external ordering system can follow into the Print MIS system.
    • PrintPLANR can send packing list/delivery information to the warehouse or carrier company for timely delivery & record.
    • Job Definition Format (JDF) to feed your press directly with the printing info.
    • Export the data from the system to other CRM, Accounting, Warehouse, Delivery, Carrier and other software.
    • Still missing something? Talk to us.

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