• Guide – Integrate XERO into PrintPLANR

  • Transfer data from PrintPLANR to XERO Accounting Software

    Seamlessly integrate XERO with PrintLPANR and easily configure the data you would like to synchronize. Follow the steps below to get a better insight on its functionalities and how exactly the integration process goes.

    Step 1:

    Accounting Codes

    Given below are the two ways of generating accounting code from PrintPLANR’s MIS settings.

    The manual method lets you to save accounting codes for revenue & purchase purpose. Where as the other method allows you to import the Accounting codes from XERO.

    Manual Accounting Code creation

    1. Go to MIS Setting and select Accounting Code[below accounting panel]

    2. Click on Add New Record

    3. Enter the accounting code and Description. The accounting code entered can be used as Revenue Codes or Purchase Codes.

    Import Accounting Code from XERO

    1. Go to MIS settings and click XERO.

    2. Select Get code and click on Get Account Code/ Tax Code.

  • Step 2:

    1. Go to MIS Settings and click XERO below the accounting panel.

    2. Click on Invoices.

    3. Filter invoice records based on the status and date range you want to export from.

    4. Click Export.

    Step 3:

    1. Enter login details once you’re redirected to XERO.

    2. Authorize the integration by clicking on Allow access for 30 mins

    Step 4:

    1. Select any number of invoices and click Update on XERO. You’ll get confirmation once the records are successfully exported.

    Step 5:

    1. Log into XERO.

    2. Go to the Accounts section, select Sales and click on See all.

    3. Go to Draft, select invoices to approve and click Approve.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries related to XERO integration with PrintPLANR.