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Improve business relationships with your Leads (prospects), customers and suppliers using: PrintPLANR Print CRM

Our Print CRM Module helps you stay connected with your customers, prospects by organising all the data in one place and thus helping improve customer relationships. The CRM Printing module comes integrated with other useful Print MIS modules to help you reach your full potential in your print business.

From customer or prospect information management, product management, content management system (CMS) for printers to shipping management, reduce your turnaround time, increase productivity and your opportunity in closing deals sooner with insightful forecasts.

Win new business from your prospects or business from existing customers, our CRM for printing industry help manage and track all the information for better service and profitability.

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Do you know PrintPLANR Print CRM Module helps you Manage Multiple Contacts, Locations, Departments of a single or group of Companies all in one place?


Why PrintPLANR Print CRM stands out?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management aims to record all information relating to a prospect or customer, including meetings, calls, notes, new contacts, locations, terms and conditions. PrintPLANR Print CRM module facilitates recording & organising of all the data mentioned above in the best possible way.
Our print CRM solution for printing industry is designed so that all sizes of businesses can use it. CRM for printing industry nowadays is not limited to large enterprises. It’s increasingly becoming important for small-medium-sized companies to maintain and organise their customer/prospects data to provide better service, follow-ups and win back new & repeat business.

Are you using Multiple Software Including CRM, MIS, Warehouse to Manage your Business and Running into delays or Duplicate Data Entry?

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PrintPLANR Print CRM & Database Module

Manage all your Leads Information

If you already have a lead database or want to link your existing website to populate Print CRM Lead Module, then we have it all here. Record Notes, Create tasks, Reminders, Calls and send Quotes with Follow-ups to your prospect to win them over as your customer.

Customer Information

Whether it’s an individual customer or customer with one contact or multiple contacts or a group of companies with various subsidiary companies, our print CRM handles all those in an organised manner. View Customer Performance, sales, quote-to-job conversion & have customer-specific settings for better quote & invoice management.

Suppliers/Vendor Information

Import or add your suppliers that does your print jobs or supplies consumables for your printing, tag/categorise them for easy search, and link your inventory of finished products or materials to a quick RFQ or Purchase process.


All Contacts in one place

PrintPLANR print CRM module also provides access to all contacts across all customers, leads in one place to avoid duplicate entry and quick search based on name, email, phone, and other records.

Record Activities

Never miss recording any activities related to any lead or a customer. Create a task, record a call detail, add a note, set reminders and service your customers in the best possible way!


Sales Forecast, Targets

Do you have a sales team that works on target and sales commission? Our forecast tool for the sales team will provide a quick view of their performance per month/quarter & show quotes in the pipeline to help them achieve their targets.

Customized Report

We have a separate module, “Customized Reports”; however, we have provided individual module reporting to get data in the format you need for better decisions, measures, and actions.


Link with Other CRM

Are you using an existing CRM and want to continue using it? We provide custom CRM Integrations as per your requirements. Integrate your current CRM with PrintPLANR CRM and seamlessly get access to data in real-time across both systems. Check Out our other CRM Integration.

Send Campaigns

Our print CRM system links with Mailchimp and exports data in list format to run marketing campaigns on other platforms. Mailchimp, Zoho campaign, Hubspot are industry leaders & hence we have created a link with them to provide the best campaign for our customers without managing customer records manually over multiple software.


Import your existing database into

PrintPLANR Print CRM


Import from a File

Import your data from CSV, Excel, TXT, or any delimited formatted file into our Print CRM.

Import from other Software

I Have your data in other MIS or Accounting Software? Talk to our team, and we will have them imported into PrintPLANR.

Need help?

Do you have data that needs cleaning, scrapping, or organising? We provide add-on services to help get your data organised for PrintPLANR.

Benefits of CRM for any

Printing, Sign or Promotional Company


Improves Business Relationships


Ensures Customer Retention, Revenue


Optimizes your marketing planning & efforts


Increased Productivity of your sales team


Get a better insight into your customer data & help in making business decisions.


Increased Profits, better ROI

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If you are interested in our CRM for print industry, get in touch with our team, and we will help you organise your business data and ensure more efficiency & better ROI

We do not sell the data that you provide us, nor do we spam you with emails. We only contact you to discuss our product, and if you are interested, we pursue it further. Share your details rest assured, and to know more, kindly read our Privacy Policy.

We are GDPR compliant, IS0 9000:2015 & ISO 27001 certified. Your data, information, and your IP are all safe with us.

Quick Note: PrintPLANR understands every business is unique and has its unique workflow & requirements. While we did our best to build a fully customised tool, we go the extra mile to customise or create a custom module. Speak to us and find out more.



Print CRM

Sign estimating

Estimating Module

Create detailed estimates for your customers, keeping their margins, terms & provide them with the most competitive quotes.
Print MIS


Gain a 360-degree, quick view of your print business with customised dashboards for all your job processes.

Customised Reporting

With the reporting module, always have insightful data at your fingertips and make decisions proactively in your print business.