• PrintPLANR Sign Estimating Software

  • Print job management made easy for Signage Industry

  • Older methods of manual quote estimation are neither fast nor accurate. Moreover, no customer is willing to wait around for hours just for a quote. A sign estimating software calculates print sign estimates 10 times faster than manual.
  • With automation taking over nearly every industry, sign estimating software providers are expected to automate your business. An automated business means streamlined workflow with more satisfied customers, as you can concentrate merely on business growth. Cloud-based software is the best as it is accessible from anywhere via a browsing device.

    Sign estimating software will create estimates in seconds. PrintPLANR print sign estimating solution creates accurate quotes that can be shared with customers via email in the click of a button.

    Your sign shop workflow can now be streamlined while you also perform print job management, inventory management, CRM and more with the same sign estimating software.

    PrintPLANR is a complete sign estimating solution that does a lot more than just sign estimation!

    Sign Estimation

    Accurate sign estimation is something not many software can promise. PrintPLANR provides accurate sign estimation based on the print order details including inventory. These quotes or print estimates are calculated accordingly and can be shared with customer in a PDF format via email. Customer can even approve these quotes online, thus saving you from any unnecessary communications.

    Advanced CRM

    From prospects to customers to suppliers, have all information accessible at your fingertips. Convert prospects to customers in one click. Add, edit or delete required information from anywhere as PrintPLANR is cloud-based and thus portable.Advanced search for quick retrieval of required information, perform operations on bulk records and save a lot of time!



    Online presence is all your customers look for, and that is what the market demands as well. If you can attract them with the options you give them to create online stores, they will be impressed!

    PrintPLANR offers Web2Print feature to create unlimited B2B and attractive B2C storefronts. Both include a special customer-accessible Online Design Studio (ODS) feature. It lets customer customize their own print designs online. The feature includes multiple fonts plus uploading own font, numerous colors and more. 

    The PrintPLANR-exclusive ODS ensures that only customer-approved print designs can be ordered. PrintPLANR provides accurate estimation that includes sign measurements and material that your customer can choose before ordering. This avoids risk of wasted prints that may incur you loss.

    Print Job Management

    How you handle print job defines your profit. Customers of the signage industry demand perfection and precision. Be it the font, the color, shape, photo quality or anything else, as it is open to public and it needs to be right, always.

    Handling the press on one side and customer on the other can be tedious. PrintPLANR sign estimating solution makes it easy to handle them both with modules like inventory management, purchase order management, CRM and print order approval system that are all operable from a single point.

    Invoicing & Accounting

    The print mis solution makes your job of finances management a breeze. Seamless integration with leading accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks and FreshBooks, you can manage accounts from anywhere. Easy and highly export in just a few clicks.

    What’s more? You can even hide the information from staff that you don’t want accessing this information by setting user role access permissions accordingly.

    The sign estimating software from PrintPLANR lets you concentrate on your business growth while it takes care of workflow and timely order deliveries.

    Automation also means you get the most productivity from your employees. PrintPLANR is highly modular and all modules sync with each other exceptionally well. The sign estimating software offers seamless third-party integration such as with accounting software. So when you are gaining all benefits of a complete print management solution, you are also managing your financial information smoothly and securely.