• Online Design Studio Tool – Edit, Proof and Order Online



    Edit and Approve Designs Online.
    Good for the customer, good for you.
    High or Low Resolution, you choose!

    Online Design Studio (ODS) as we love to call or stating the Industry Standard Term, ‘Print On Demand’ is one of the most powerful features of PrintPLANR Web2Print solution. The solution allows your customer to edit products online and generates print-ready PDF files for further approval and/or direct printing.

  • What products can be edited by Online Design Studio?

    PrintPLANR Online Design Studio (ODS) allows you to edit any product online. The products can be, but are not limited to:

  • Online Design Studio (ODS) in PrintPLANR or your existing eCommerce Site?

    Online Design Studio is a stand-alone module that is integrated in the PrintPLANR Web2Print Solution enabling your customer to edit, proof and approve print items online. Being modular in nature, the online design studio can be integrated in your existing print shop or e-commerce site. Speak to our team to explore the possibilities.

    How does Online Design Studio (ODS) work?

    The Online Design Studio has an admin interface for you to upload the background artwork and create editable fields with rules, colors, font and other options so that your customer gets the desired output. We have listed below some key features of our Online Design Studio (ODS):


    Online Design Studio (ODS) as an Admin


    • Upload background files in Hi-Res or Low-Res. You can even Overprint Files.
    • Create multiple objects/fields – Single Line Text, Multiple Lines or Paragraph Text and Images.
    • Option to group these objects/fields to move in the direction you want.
    • Define Styling for each object/field.
    • Font Family – Select from our list of fonts or upload your own font.
    • Font Style – Define the size, tracking, justification, capitals, shrink to fit or truncate the extra text (with or without a warning).
    • Color Style – Define CMYK or Spot Colors.
    • Image – Use Images or Image Object for your artwork.
    • Create a Gallery of images for the end users to choose from, thus limiting the type of image that can be used in that object/field.
    • Allow end-users to upload images from their local drive and pre-check the quality before uploading those images.
    • Customer users can maintain their own image gallery.
    • Restrict/Allow image edits with our advanced image editing tool – Crop, Rotate, Resize.
    • Other Features – Allow admin to create hidden fields, lock the fields for changes and limit the data type for those fields.

    Online Design Studio (ODS) as a Customer/End User


  • B2B or B2C users can access the editable products from their respective eStore and can do the following:

    • Edit the information that is allowed by the admin.
    • WYSIWYG Canvas for checking the changes as the users edit the info.
    • For images, they can choose from gallery or upload from local drive as per the setting for that product.
    • ‘Saved Draft’ allows users to save their work as they edit and come back later to complete & order.
    • As per the setting, the end user may require to confirm the final output in a PDF file before it can be ordered.
    • Order on behalf of one or multiple users (variable data). E.g. ‘Business Cards’ fields can be linked with the user profile and can be ordered for hundreds of users with just one click.
    • Admin may also allow end users to build their own products from scratch, switch on advanced editing tool to add more objects/fields, images, change font, size, color, styles and use just the way admin would use to build an artwork.


  • The Online Design Studio Solution is light-weight, does not require any software downloads and works very well on modern browsers, on PC, on MAC and even on Tablets. Yet another feature from PrintPLANR that makes ordering and the whole printing business itself, a smooth affair.