Print Order Approval System

  • Online Storefront Order Approval Systems

  • Allow your customers to stay more in control of their print budgeting

  • Whether it’s a B2B for your regular customers or a public B2C store, orders can by all means go wrong without knowledge of the one placing it.

    With an approval system in place, you have the power to approve/reject it before it is further sent for printing.

    • Designate an ‘approver’ from your company to do the job for you.
    • If your company is huge, you can assign a different approver for each department. This indicates the presence of a well placed multiple approval system in PrintPLANR. 
    • Set rules to alert the approver or even the admin himself if an order has not been approved on time (you set the days). 
    • Avoid wasted prints. You can always communicate with your customers – regular or public, regarding any suggested changes in an order.
    • Along with approval, an order can also be disapproved or further sent through for edits.

    This module lets you manage the production process before the order reaches the printing stage, after which it cannot be reversed. Save cost and get the job completed in a much lesser budget. Try the print order approval system for free or ask for a demo