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What is PrintPLANR?

PrintPLANR is a cloud-based Print Management Information System (Print MIS) integrated with online Web to Print ordering system. Offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), you pay a monthly subscription fee and we take care of the software, hosting, support, backup and let you focus on your print business. Take the whole system or a part of the PrintPLANR suite, you choose what you need for your business and pay online for the modules you use. Hence, the solution suits all sizes of printing & promotional companies, print managers (print brokers).

What modules does the PrintPLANR suite comprise of?

PrintPLANR suite comprises of an Advanced CRM System, Quote & Job Management Modules, Supplier & Purchase Management, Warehousing, Online Ordering, Payment Gateway and Accounting Solutions and more.

How much does PrintPLANR cost and on what basis is this costing drawn?

PrintPLANR’s costing comprises of a one-time setup fee and an ongoing monthly fee, which is typically on a per-user basis. You can start with as low as a single user while there is no upper limit.

Can I try the system before I can start my subscription?

Yes! You can register for a free trial by clicking here and we will have someone from our enthusiastic team speak to you as soon as possible. They shall setup the system for your usage for a period of 14 days. We do not demand credit card information or any other commitment when you sign-up for the free trial.

Can I add more users as we use the system?

Of course you can – as many as you need. Contact your local agent for our solution and drop in an email to [email protected] and the user pack will be added in less than 24 hours.

What printing companies can use the PrintPLANR system?

PrintPLANR system is suitable for Digital Printers, Offset Printers, Signage Printers as well as Promotional Companies.

What about support?

PrintPLANR has local partners and agents who work in their respective local time zones so that support can be provided when you need it the most. The technical team works 24X7 and can be reached at [email protected]. Average response time ranges from a few minutes to a few hours.

Where do we host your solution?

PrintPLANR is hosted in one of the leading cloud hosting solutions with its data center in the US, Spain and Germany. You can contact our support team at [email protected] to know more about our hosting solutions and other related details.

How frequently is your system backed up?

The PrintPLANR system is backed up daily on separate remote servers as per general industry standards and rules. Contact our team for more details.

Can I import my existing data onto the PrintPLANR system?

Yes, you can. We can import all your existing master records so you can immediately start using the PrintPLANR system with no delay.

If you do not want to lose your old transaction data, we provide a link within the print MIS system to view and search for your old transaction data.

I already use an ordering system. Can I use the Print MIS Module of the PrintPLANR and still have the orders from my existing ordering system into the new system?

The answer is yes. We have various ways to transfer the order information present in your ordering system onto the PrintPLANR MIS System. Talk to our team and they will be able to discuss this better and suggest you with the best way to integrate.

Does your system link with accounting packages like XERO, QuickBooks, MYOB?

PrintPLANR links with all the above accounting packages and more. Read more about this here.

I want my suppliers to receive RFP and quote online. Can I invite my suppliers to quote?

Using the Outwork Estimating Module, you can invite all or specific suppliers to receive RFP and quotes online. You can fix an RFQ end date & time, compare and select the best quote.

How will PrintPLANR automate my business?

PrintPLANR is not just a Management Information System (MIS) but an automated workflow management system too. There are various processes that can be automated to save your time and money.

As a sales team, you can automate to create your own rules to follow up with your leads and opportunities to stay on top of your sales process.

As a Production Manager, you can define various Job Workflow Processes to inform and update various teams that form a part of production & delivery modules of your business and ensure timely delivery of your order.

As a Print Manager, automate workflow to send orders directly to your suppliers and on completion of shipment, inform customers directly with automated emails.

Automate any other process. The PrintPLANR solution helps you plan and execute your print orders like no other.

I sell off-the-shelf print products, some of which are Stock products. Does PrintPLANR have a Stock Management System with low stock alerts?

Yes. The Product Catalog module allows you to set up products with various options including stock products. Have various stock options including one to multiple locations, back-orders, low stock reminders and automated ordering of the products.

I sell Stock products as Kits. Does the system calculate and account Kits automatically?

Yes, we have automatic kit allocation & calculation so you can sell your various product kits as per the stock availability.

Can my customers use PrintPLANR?

PrintPLANR has integrated Web-to-Print that allows your customer to place orders online.

The Retail Shop allows general visitors to view, customize, order and get their print requirement fulfillment. The Business to Consumer or B2C Module of the Web-to-Print system allows you to set up your print shop in a modern, responsive (mobile friendly), fully customizable and content managed site. Choose the payment gateway you want from a huge list of the most popular payment gateways ready to be plugged-in (Stripe, PayPal, Brain-tree, Google Checkout and more). You can also let users select and get instant quotes online with our dynamic Request for Quote (RFQ) module.

For your corporate customers, set up corporate-specific branded Business-to-Business (B2B) ordering portals that will showcase only customer specific product. With various customization, registration, approval processes and spend-limit options, you allow your customers their own ordering portal while the orders seamlessly flow into the Print MIS system.

Easy to use and highly customizable PrintPLANR Web2Print module takes the whole ordering system to the next level and takes care of all your online based orders.

Does PrintPLANR allow online editing of Products?

PrintPLANR online editing tool allows customers to edit the pre-defined products with their own text and images & thus proof the products online before placing orders. From Business Cards to Real Estate Brochures, Clothes, Posters, Stationery Items and more, give more power to your business by involving your customers in online proofing and ordering of their print requirements.

I supply real estate brochures and materials to Real Estate Companies. Does PrintPlanr handle online editing and proofing of these brochures?

The Online Design Studio (ODS) module of PrintPLANR allows you to create various templates with fixed/changeable fields for text and image inputs and thus gives more power to the real estate companies to create online brochures and send for print in a ‘Print-Ready’ format.

From hi-def images to multi-line, rich text editor fields, the multi-page template can have information that can be updated across multiple pages in just one input field.

Explore the various possibilities of creating & customizing print products through the PrintPLANR online editing tool.

I am a Master Franchisee and own/manage many print shops. How can PrintPLANR be useful for my business?

PrintPLANR has the structure so that you can set up many franchisee shops, control the products they can sell and see all the activities in one dashboard.

Add, Block, Suspend Franchisees and run reports to see the performance of each shop.
Try our ‘Franchisee Module Trial’ setup and we are sure you will want to keep using it, given the multiple benefits it allows you.