Print MIS Dashboard & Business Intelligence

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Get more insights into the data generated out of our Print MIS system with dynamic and fully customized: Print MIS Dashboard & Business Intelligence Module

Create a customised dashboard for the various functional area of your Print business and let every user and department take decisions to streamline the work & maximise efficiency profits.

With the Print MIS Dashboard and Business Intelligence module, you get a 360-degree view into your print business, monitor performance with key performance indicators (KPIs) that specifically suit your print business and gain insights from the easy to understand BI solution embedded analytics to make impactful decisions and efficiently run your business.

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The custom dashboard for print management comes with precise KPIs to gain rich insights from the intuitive print dashboard and business intelligence module. Make business-critical decisions at a competitive pace and grow your business at a higher rate.

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PrintPLANR Print MIS Dashboard will give every user real-time data insights. It will help identify items requiring urgent action and help streamline workflow in Procurement & order fulfilment.

The customised dashboard has both summarised or mini-widgets for quick figures on various business aspects, i.e., Quotes, Pending Orders, Invoices, Dues, Quotes to Order Conversion, and so on.

It also has grids and charts to see inventory positions, quotes that need attention, jobs that prioritise delivery, low stock items, and other vital areas of your business that need to be highlighted to users, department heads, and stakeholders.

Stay ahead of your Competitors, use PrintPLANR Print MIS Dashboard & Business Intelligence help you.


Print MIS Dashboard Module?

User Specific Dashboard

You do not want the production team to see financial information & vice versa? PrintPLANR allows user-specific customised dashboards for better decisions & outcomes.


Multiple Summarized Widgets

Get estimates, jobs, new customers, leads, invoices, dues, open tasks, calls, and much more. See all of these in their own minimum widgets area on the print dashboard to measure individual departments’ performance.


Create Piechart, Bar charts, Line graphs, Funnel Charts, and more and see all the data in more impactful & accessible view charts. All the charts have date filters and options to customise their view further on our custom dashboard for print management.


Grid & List View

Do you want to see the most important data like inventory, jobs, tasks, and others in a grid format? Use List view widgets with filters, date range, and you get your data on the customised dashboard for better decision and control.


Fully customised, change widgets size, colors, re-order different widgets to prioritise the view of the custom dashboard for print management,


Benefits of Print MIS Dashboard & BI for any print industry

Printing, Sign or Promotional Company


Total visibility into your business


Big-Time Savings


Improved Efficiency


Increased Productivity


Increased Profits, better ROI

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If you are interested in our custom dashboard for print management, get in touch with our team, and we will help you organise your business data and ensure more efficiency & better ROI

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Quick Note: PrintPLANR understands every business is unique and has its unique workflow & requirements. While we did our best to build a fully customised tool, we go the extra mile to customise or create a custom module. Speak to us and find out more.




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API & Integrations

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