Cloud Print MIS for Print Brokers

A Multipurpose Print MIS for Print Managers and Print Brokers!

Effortless Print Broker Management System

Get the all-in-one Print Management Information System with accurate Estimating, Pricing, and Quoting, Job management, fulfillment, and CRM modules!

Our Cloud Print MIS for Print Brokers eases your workflow that almost feels magical, but only it isn’t. Innovatively designed to make it the way it is – easy to handle, high-performing, and result-oriented.

A print broker software helps collect, organize, store, and easily interpret contracts, bids, estimates, job entries, client data, and much more handily. Our intelligent Print Broker System stands out from the rest as it allows limitless integrations as it comes with its API, enabling enrichment of its features enormously.

Manage every stage of the job efficiently, increase the customer satisfaction of your clients. With secure and quick channels to receive the bids from vendors, compare the best proposals, send the estimates to your clients, prioritize the jobs, help gain a better profit margin, and overall achieve a better ROI.

Obtain centralization in data, save time and resources while you broker your print business hassle-free.

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Print Estimating & MIS for Print Brokers and Print Managers!


Print Estimating & MIS for Print Brokers and Print Managers’ Most Requested Features

CRM Module

Outsourced Module :

You can create custom RFQ requests and send them to some or all vendors/suppliers to receive their quotes, make a comparison, add your markup & send them to the customer. The system also allows you to show your client how much savings you are making for them!
Data Visualization & BI

Cost Splitting :

Our accurate quotes/estimates come with a cost-splitting based on the different items, their quantity, number of units of order placed, etc., among other factors, entirely keeping the costing transparent.
Estimating module

Job Status :

The print broker software lets you track real-time updates of your print broker job with the help of adjustable job status, starting from consultation, estimates, job production to its completion. You also get a kanboard job view to plan and undergo the other jobs accordingly.
Job Management

Procurement & Supply :

Once a customer confirms the order, the procurement of the materials through Job-Purchase Order is straightforward, with an option to ship to your warehouse or directly to the customer with your delivery note & instructions.
Purchase Order & Deliveries

Profitability :

Get profit estimates for individual print jobs and optimize the print jobs utilizing the profit stats. Easily define the taxes, savings, and prioritize the print jobs.
Invoicing & Accounting

Web2Print :

Do you want to provide a B2B store to your customers to call stock or order replenish or request custom jobs? Check out our Web2Print B2B Module for more information and improve your customer service.
Customer B2B & B2C Stores

Print Manager :

With multiple settings and brilliant performance, the broker solution will be your manager for your role as a print broker while you can spend more time cracking new deals and enabling your Print Broker Business growth.
Customer B2B & B2C Stores

Scalable :

The cloud-based PrintPLANR print broker system provides you the option to scale up or down your resources based on your requirements. No mandates of any kind, not now, not ever!

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