Administer your complete workflow with PrintPLANR’s business management software for promotional companies. Specially designed for those businesses that deal with promotional products, we have several modules with third-party add-ons that will help your promotional business scale to its full potential.

There is not even a slight possibility that the needs of any two customers are the same. At PrintPLANR, we make sure that despite this, each client’s requirements are met beyond expectations. Get the best print output for your promotional printing business and reach to greater heights with our advanced ordering system for promotional companies.

Modern customers look for professional services, and won’t settle for anything less. A promotional products business management software will not only organize your tasks but also streamline them, so you won’t have to put in the extra effort as the automated solution will do it for you.

Another significant and rather crucial need for any promotional products eCommerce software is customization. A customized solution will make it convenient for the end-users to personalize their orders rather than purchasing what everyone else needs or uses.

  • Easily integrate with existing ordering portal
  • Create and modify print designs
  • Create brochures and display them in the storefront
  • Digitally manage customer information
  • Create B2B and B2C storefronts
  • Handle purchase orders
Introduction to promotional products Business management software

Efficient Modules and Add-ons

Advanced CRM

Advanced CRM

Customer relationship management is a key area to grow any business as customer satisfaction is essential to improve sales. PrintPLANR provides advanced CRM that will remind your staff of follow up via task/call feature in the module. Retain old, valued customers and convert more prospects into leads with our CRM module that also allows supplier management in the same module.

Complete RFQ & Quote Management Module

PrintPLANR will enable you to quickly create quotes from the existing product list supplied to you by your supplier, or you can get the best bid on your requirement by sending RFQ request to your supplier(s). Add your mark-up and additional costs to get a detailed quote to review before you send to your customer — a fast, reliable and accurate quote management system for the promotional companies.
Manage RFQ & Quote with promotional products software
Manage jobs with Print business management solution

Print Job Management

Manage print jobs anytime and anywhere with an active internet connection. Job-status changes and other changes immediately reflect in the centralized system. Everyone in the team will have access to real-time information so that informed decisions are made each time.

Job Management

Manage your jobs as per their priority with our easy to use Job board (Kanban style) to stay on top of your order fulfilment. Consolidate multiple tasks, create purchase orders and compare the cost before you dispatch the items to your customer. Real-time notifications on the job status will allow you to keep everyone in the process, including the customer informed on the various stages of job processing.
Know print Job status
Reliable quoting with Promotional Product industry Management Software

Print Estimation/Print Quoting

A business management software for promotional companies must give you reliable print estimates for any print job. PrintPLANR’s promotional products quoting software is versatile enough to provide accurate print estimates regardless of how simple or complex the print jobs are.

Invoice Manager

Let go of manual data entry and configure invoices, payments, and accounting software integration with leading accounting packages. The invoice manager module can even be set to be hidden from specific staff, meaning that you can choose who can view the invoice process.
manage invoices and payments with promotional products software
Online ordering system feature for Print business management solution

Online Ordering System

PrintPLANR provides Online Ordering System for both corporate (B2B) and retail (B2C) customers. List all types of products including stock, customizable products and kit items. The pre-flighting and order approval system makes it even easier for the promotional companies to accept print-ready products straight from the customers.


PrintPLANR addresses the challenges of promotional companies with its advanced, easy-to-use Web2Print solution. It will enable your customers to freely place, manage and supervise their print orders online and can be easily incorporated with online B2B and B2C storefronts. The feature-packed solution also allows the end-users to customize the design, theme, quality, color, etc., and order personalized items on the go.
Customizable dashboard for Promotional Product industry Management

Customizable BI Dashboard

BI dashboards constitute a significant step towards making optimum use of data and allows users to grasp facts and figures quickly. A BI dashboard will let you manage data much better and will also help you to stay in total control of your business like never before.


Our mission for print managers and print brokers is to enable you to reach your full potential through the use of our comprehensive Print MIS (management information system) and online print ordering and Web2Print software.

PrintPLANR is one such software that addresses all needs of print brokers with a wide variety of modules ranging from those helpful to brokers that handle small scale until large scale print jobs and much more.

Data Visualization & BI
Data Visualization & BI: Create your own dashboard with the highly customizable PrintPLANR & stay in control of your printing business.
Fully Customizable, Settings Driven
Fully Customizable, Settings Driven: Set up your own products, warehouse, user roles, workflow & rules to suit the unique needs of your business. Multiple settings that can be repeatedly edited.
CRM Module
CRM Module: Import and manage your database of clients & suppliers. Tasks, Calls, Forecast features available for the Print CRM module of print management system.
Estimating module
Estimating Module: Accurate templates that are business process-specific drill down your quotes & adjust the pricing to ensure that your business always stays competitive.
Job Management
Job Management: Define various statuses and build your own rules to efficiently manage jobs. ‘Electronic job cards’ feature for easy and quick job assignment to your staff.
Purchase Order & Deliveries
Purchase Order & Deliveries: Create purchase orders in just one click form one or more jobs and record payments by automating your print jobs from one place.
Invoicing & Accounting
Invoicing & Accounting: Generate Pre-Job or Post-Job tasks. Option to integrate with any popular or your existing accounting package.
Customer B2B & B2C Stores
Customer B2B & B2C Stores: Create customer-specific ordering portals with unlimited settings with an option to include your own branding.

Multipurpose print broker software that’s simple, smart, and online

With print projects, whether you manage a small project or a larger project than most others, it can still get challenging at times. A good print broker software is what you need to guide you through those hard times to get you organized. Overcome challenging print jobs of any scale with the help of PrintPLANR.


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