Cookie Policy

PrintPLANR may use cookies, web beacons, tracking pixels, and other tracking technologies when visiting our website The small text files placed on your device to access our Website, as it happens in most other Web servers, are called Cookies. The Cookies primarily serve to recognize your device when visiting our Website, whether during the session or your future visits, and to help boost your user experience.

The Cookies are not to identify a specific user personally and contain no information in this regard. However, personal information stored about you from your visits to our Website can be obtained and linked to the information stored through Cookies. To further understand how we store and maintain your data securely, please read the below cookie policy thoroughly or contact us using the info given at the end of this policy.

The Interpretations

The initial letter capitalization for words has specified meanings as they are defined chiefly under the below conditions. Despite the appearance of these words not only in the singular but also in the plural, the meaning remains the same accordingly.

Markedly Intent for this Cookie Policy

The Types of Cookies that "We" use.

Generally, the Cookies can be defined as “Session” or “Persistent” Cookies. Persistent Cookies are different from Session Cookies based on how they are stored. Persistent Cookies are the personal information that gets stored on your device even after you go offline. Meanwhile, session Cookies are not stored and deleted once you close the browser.

Session Cookies:

The Cookies are not stored when the user ends a session due to outstretched inactivity or closing of the browser on the computer, mobile or any other device. These Cookies are used to comprehend the user interaction, for example, if the visitor interacting with our Website is new or returning to continue the browsing session. They are also used as part of the SaaS platform websites’ login, authentication, and session management flows.

Persistent Cookies:

When you visit our Website, the data that gets stored for a pre-determined duration of time on your computer or mobile device is referred to as persistent Cookies. These cookies are used to understand the most popular hotspots of the Website and how you engage and interact with the Website.

We make use of both the session and Persistent Cookies for the purposes mentioned under this section:

Necessary/Essential Cookies

It is a type of session Cookie administered by Us to enable some of the Website’s features and provide you with the services available. The Cookies are necessary to authenticate users and prevent fraudulent behaviours when providing our services. Essential cookies are also crucial to enable core features including, user logins, account management, shopping carts and payment processing.

Cookie Policy/Notice Acceptance Cookies

A type of persistent Cookies is used to determine if the users have accepted the use of the Cookies on the Website administered by Us.

Functionality Cookies

We administer this persistent Cookie to permit the storage of your preferences on your device, including language preferences, preferences on the form chosen, among other details. The Cookies facilitates a better user experience and help prevent re-entering your preferences every time you use the Website.

Tracking/Performance Cookies

The Cookies administered by third parties are used to determine and track the information of user behaviour and traffic to the Website. The gathered tracking or performance Cookies can be utilized to identify you and an individual user, either directly or indirectly. Generally, the collected information is linked to a pseudonymous identifier associated with the device used to access the Website. We could also use these Cookies to test the user’s reaction to advertisements, pages, features or new functionality of the Website.

Cookies Management

Cookie usage preference on your device is in your hands, and you can accept the Cookies or otherwise decline them. As a matter of fact, chiefly, most browsers automatically accept Cookies. Nevertheless, you can change and automate the browser settings to decline all the Cookies. Moreover, multiple browsers are configurable, and each time a cookie is rendered, you can choose to accept or decline them individually on a site-to-site basis when notified.

Suppose you want to prevent the usage of Cookies on the Website in the first place. In that case, you need to disable the browser settings and then again delete the Cookies currently present on the browser associated with our Website. You have the option to choose or change the Cookie settings anytime. Although, it is significant that you understand that you may encounter inconveniences while using our Website as some functions and features may not work correctly when you do not accept our Cookies.

If you choose to delete the Cookies and refuse to accept them and are unsure how to proceed, follow the links to the pages for your respective browsers to help you.

Kindly find the official web pages to change the settings for the web browsers not mentioned above. Although, please get in touch with us for further assistance if you need your queries answered concerning this Cookie policy.

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