Document Management

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  • Digital Documents and Assets Manager

    Document Management can be a difficult job especially when you have files/documents coming in from all directions. Organizing them in a proper way is key to access the files-on-demand. At PrintPLANR, we have documents saved in an easily traceable manner, so you can reach out to the documents whenever you want.

    As a part of our Add-On Solutions:

    We have a document management system or a Digital Asset Management system that allows you to create folders and save the document in the way you want. Further, it allows you to limit the access of that solution to all or certain users with ‘Read-Only’ or ‘Full Rights.’

    The solution also has a powerful search feature to find a document not only with its name and record info, but also with its content.

    So, imagine you are looking for an artwork file for your client, Ben Smith, and the artwork file is saved ‘artwork-001.pdf.’ You can still find that file if the artwork file has the name ‘Ben Smith’ somewhere in it. The system also acts as an FTP system to upload and download multiple files, implying that you don’t need a separate FTP system for the purpose.

    This is not a part of our standard offering but a great tool to have, to manage all your documents/files in an organized manner.