Complexities Made Easy with Streamlined Procurement Management: A Case Study

The printing industry has its share of difficulties with procurement management, don’t you struggle with this? Look no further. Strategically speaking, maximizing efficiency levels comes as an unavoidable consequence to remaining in this expensive world of digital printing.

Efficient operations belongs to a robust functional procurement management system that is crucial for cost reduction, attention to waste sustainability, and performance improvement in all procurements aspects like purchasing goods, inventories management and supplier relations.

Let’s learn how PrintPLANR’s advanced approach to procurement and inventory management transformed the operations of a significant player in the printing industry, overcoming adversities and creating new opportunities.

In this blog, we share about how we proactively dealt with the troubles and deliberately turned the procurement and supply chain program of a digital printing customer located in the US to the next level with our advanced procurement management system.

PrintPLANR: Your One-Stop Solution

When it comes to the durable and adjustable benefits that everyone can lean on, PrintPLANR’s procurement provision must be mentioned. Businesses are in the sustaining process of the business as well as the assurance of the operation, and most important is the role of PrintPLANR as a key player.

Now, we are going to delve into this breakthrough technology and share how we proactively dealt with the troubles and deliberately turned the procurement and supply chain program of a digital printing customer located in the US to the next level.

Challenges Faced by the Printing Industry

  • Time Sensitivity:

    Are processing and branding signs projects were tight calendars. Any delay in the procurement means access the entire workspace and thus client may demand for completion of the project within time set by the client.

  • Supply Chain Delays:

    Often, the stages of traditional procurement co-mingled are comingled, as a result, mistakes may appear and the time of the process is longer than it should be.

  • Manual Intervention:

    The accuracy of procurement is dependent on a manual calculation, which is a spreadsheet-based system. Hence, the errors get increased and workload also increases.

How PrintPLANR Addresses Procurement Management Challenges:

Addressing the major challenges here’s how PrintPLANR Conquers them-

  • Direct Vendor Connectivity:

    Direct connection with suppliers for hassle free buyers order processing. In PrintPLANR, the system automates the creation of purchase orders (POs) against a seller as soon as an order is received. This makes the ordering process quick and error-free.

  • Real-time Integration :

    PrintPLANR is also effectively adapted to the real- time purchase order generation, that happens right after the order confirmation, without contributing to any delay.

  • Dynamic Supplier Management:

    The integration with suppliers’ product catalogues allows the dynamic generation of the most current pricing and inventory data, relieving procurement managers from overbooking and retaining simple management of procurement decisions through automation.

  • Automated Workflows:

    Through PrintPLANR’s procurement feature, manual transactions can be reduced by almost 80% as it automates the consistency of workflow. This would ensure conformity to procurement policies and would, in turn, improve the overall accuracy.

Procurement Management Challenges

Case Study: Getting Away with the Jigsaw Procurement Management System

Client Overview:

The biggest problem that the printing company in the US encountered was that the procurement processes were mostly non-unified and were affected by partial involvement of manual interventions, which led to slowing down the process and overcomplicating order finalization.

Fragmented Procurement:

Acquisitioning the materials from different Vendors, etc., means distributed supply and, therefore, longer procurement procedures and so on.

Manual Struggle:

Using Excel sheets only for estimates and purchase order tracking implied poor performance and doubts in process execution, as well as introducing additional mistakes.

PrintPLANR’s Streamlined Solution for Effective Procurement Management

Customized Print MIS Feature

Flexibility and adaptability were key strengths of PrintPLANR’s solution, as the system put in place the purchase management functionality that met all client’s needs. This leads to easier operations, simplifies sourcing operations, and allows for the withdrawal or addition of items requiring manual intervention.

Automated Procurement for Digital Prints

Through our inventory-integrated sub-module, material management is now a lot simpler for digital prints. Mechanization of purchase orders decreases handwork, and this increases efficiency.

Streamlined Solution for Effective Procurement Management

Seamless Integration with Sage Connect

Via API, product data, images, and inventory information are integrated with the Sage Connect which cut down the need of logging into numerous systems. Clients are able to continue the ordering process using the strong integration functionality of Sage products, where they can directly browse and confirm orders that are automatically recorded in Sage.

The Outcome

Ruled Out Manual Tasks:

The client reached success by reducing the error rate to almost 1/10 of the previous and intended this to minimize the necessity of manual intervention in the future.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Thanks to the 50% decrease through the automated workflow and integrated procurement systems, the client saw the effect. The rates of decision-making and order-fulfilment process markedly increased.

Achieved Operational Excellence:

20% reductions in stocks, 100% elimination of stock-outs, and 0% existence of obsolete inventory. Enabled to sign favourable terms with suppliers, which resulted in a 15% decrease in sourcing costs and flawless operation of integration with Sage Connect.

It is a highly available scalable instrument that has become a backstop for our client, a US-based one, with almost exclusive adjustability, speed, and efficiency beyond comparison. The client’s bettering decision on the centralization of acquisition processes and automation has greatly improved the degree of collaboration and saved finances.

Amidst a competitive landscape, businesses grapple with core operations such as procurement and supply chain management. Our solutions provide futuristic and optimized solutions, offering a beacon of innovation.

PrintPLANR- A One-Stop Solution for Effective Procurement and Inventory Management System

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