• Settings for a Customized Solution

  • Highly modular and customizable, PrintPLANR fits right in

    With multiple settings and a highly customizable Dashboard, set the way you see the solution for yourself. Separate settings for the solution and B2B & B2C eStores (if opted for). Also, being cloud-based, it is even more flexible as you can scale your resources up and down as suits your business.

     For the solution:

    • Set your preference of colors for each tab
    • Statistics view such as live jobs, gross profit and many others on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annual basis
    • Item descriptions and adding new items to adding or removing descriptions, you can even name them differently
    • Dashboard can be customized right from the home/dashboard page. You can edit, update and save your favorite layout!

    (To read more about Dashboard Customization, click here.)

    As for the B2B & B2C eStores:

    • Allow editable products for customers
    • Add as many images as possible for them to start from
    • Upload your own font
    • Hide prices of B2B eStore from B2C customers
    • Have your staff approve the orders of customers, set different staff to approve orders for different departments.

    The settings are numerous which help in customization to the maximum possible extent. Use it to your best suited preference. Contact PrintPLANR for further information.