Customized Dashboard

  • Quick Snapshot of Your Business, Your Way


  • Real-time updates to stay updated

  • The dashboard displays a snapshot of your entire business. Find comprehensive, real-time updates displayed through simple tables and graphs in various colors and patterns, thus making it easier to grasp.

    Business Intelligence techniques used to portray data the best way possible. Print data analysis can be done right from the dashboard. Given the reporting feature, data can be accessed in an organized way when needed. 

    Below are some parts you can customize to be viewed on the dashboard with this module:

    • View outstanding calls and tasks;
    • View current jobs with due delivery dates;
    • View target vs. actual sales by individual salespersons;
    • View the same for a particular date range;
    • Statistics can be set to view on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or even on annual basis;
    • Modify layout whenever and as often as needed.

    You can customize the Dashboard right from the homepage directly or under multiple settings of your MIS. Just update whatever your preferences are and save the layout. A business can only make good decisions if it has the right data portrayed in the right format. Contact us to get a free demo scheduled.