Digital Print Estimating Software

  • Efficient quote estimation for simple & complex print jobs

    The main objective of an automated digital print estimating software is to reduce the time spent on print quoting, of course. When you have a print estimating software that is digital, it is automated and aimed at making the entire print job process (from quoting to delivery) a lot easier, with automated quoting as well.

    Added modules on the price estimating software solution means better usability and multi-tasking given the idea of digital print that needs high clarity. Regardless of the size of a printing company, budget is always drawn out and for smaller companies, this part and in turn the price estimating process and accurate quoting becomes mandatory. PrintPLANR provides you with quoting that’s as accurate as it can get! PrintPLANR works as a digital print estimating software and it is highly configurable.

    Features and uses

    • The price estimating software works great for all printers offering digital printing services to their customers. It works perfectly well for simple as well as complex print jobs to give you the desired output, thanks to the versatility of the price estimating software solution.

    • With modernization of the print industry, a price estimating software needs to be competitive enough to handle the modernized job process. PrintPLANR offers accurate quoting for all print jobs. Multiple local taxes can be added to orders in the price estimating software solution as and when required. One of those can be manually chosen for print job quoting.

    • The price estimating software is compatible with and works beautifully on all leading operating systems such as Linux, Windows and Mac. It is also highly compatible with all modern browsers, leading to easy navigation and hence optimal usage.

    • Given that PrintPLANR is a cloud-based solution, remote access is one of the key advantages and makes it portable for your business on the go. Every detail in hand – anytime! Information of print jobs along with quoting details, job status, purchase orders, supplier and customer data alike!

    • Increased productivity – even last minute changes in a print job can be made to the product design, avoiding panic. Accurate price estimating process for any print job aids you in making useful business decisions.

    • Quicker creation and succession of jobs as the digital price estimating software wards off nearly 90% of manual tasks of all sorts. The ‘Copy Job’ option allows for easy creation of similar jobs. Revert option to revert a print job back to its quote (un-create a job).

    • Online proofing provided by the price estimating software solution avoids any unwanted (rejected) prints. Easy creation of print designs for a variety of different surfaces with the help of Online Design Studio.

    • The software solution can be configured according to your preferences on every level of printing. Flexibility to carry out tasks for digital print the way it should be – all print estimates accurately calculated for your digital print business.

    These features help save time and hence allow you to provide your customers with better service. This way, you get to concentrate on other important aspects of your business and work on major factors that require your attention.

    Digital printing is of high importance in the modern world. With the revolution of printing, digital printing has evolved to meet higher level criteria of users. With a variety in every field of information, variable data is obvious and digital printing is widely opted for variable data printing such as a person’s name and address which is different for every individual in case you are looking at printing invites. This is due to the flexibility it allows its users. Quoting is required to be as accurate as possible and this type of printing is also great for smaller print jobs that involve lower quantities of printed products to be delivered as the final output.

    Find the final calculated quoting (along with unique estimate numbers) based on the quantity, price (also cost price+markup), tax, final selling price as well as the estimated profit (cost price vs. selling price breakup).

    Use the online proofing tool of the digital print estimating software to send out proof in various formats (such as PDF) to allow your customers to view, comment and even edit (if permitted by the admin) the proof so you can finalize only the approved design. PrintPLANR with all its unique features gives you the professional software that will portray your business as good as it is, just better.

    We understand that despite adding all modules that we think are important – regardless of their weightage – you may still have a request. In such cases, contact us and we will go out of our way to fulfill your request! (We have created many fields and modules for customers with special requests). Looking forward to join hands!