Enhance Efficiency and Collaboration with Advanced Artwork Approval Process

Simple strategies and efficient communication are essential for success in the fast-paced print industry. One of the most notable examples is the process for artwork approval. There may be several rounds of communication when using traditional communication methods, which could cause errors and delays. On the other hand, a comprehensive method for appraising artwork can increase team output and offer a more effective strategy.

Advanced Artwork Approval Process

The power to modify and control the artwork approval process is a game changer in today’s competitive environment. Businesses may tailor their procedure to individual consumer expectations using a unique artwork approval method.

The advanced artwork approval process makes selective data exchange possible by ensuring that the client receives only pertinent information at the time of approval.

Advanced Artwork Approval for Efficient Print Business

Advanced Artwork Approval for Efficient Print Business

Customized Approval for Every Customer

One unique aspect of the Advanced Artwork Approval Process is the possibility of enabling it per customer. Firms can tailor the approval workflow to each client’s needs. This tailored strategy lowers the likelihood of miscommunication through precise information delivery and encourages more accurate communication.

Internal Collaboration for Seamless Workflow

Users can select project managers, internal specialists, and other team members to participate in the discussion board for internal collaboration. The role of the project manager in analyzing files and coordinating talks is crucial. Internal specialists, such as in-house designers, might submit files to the customer directly or route them through the project manager.

Email Templates for Ease of Communication

The system has email templates that may be adjusted for individual users to help with communication. Users can choose the best template for the job, establish deadlines for key milestones, and send email invitations to all relevant parties. This guarantees that information flows smoothly and efficiently throughout the artwork appraisal process.

Seamless Customer Interaction

User-Friendly Email Invitations

The Advanced Artwork Approval Process ensures a user-friendly experience by allowing clients to issue email invitations. Clients can examine, comment on, and download the artwork by clicking on the provided link. Through the elimination of unnecessary stages, this expedites the process and raises client satisfaction.

Interactive Customer Dashboard

Customers can access a unique dashboard to examine all pertinent information, such as due dates, approval dates, and file descriptions. Technology gives customers more control since it lets them provide fresh content, take notes, and give immediate feedback.

Multi-File Approval and Status Tracking

The technology allows for the simultaneous transmission of several files, with clients able to “approve,” “disapprove,” or “reject” each one. Users can quickly update the status of a job, indicating whether the file is being worked on or has already been sent. This real-time status monitoring improves visibility and keeps all stakeholders up-to-date.

Sharing of Selected Information

You can choose which data should be shared solely with the consumer through the system. This degree of personalization guarantees that your customers receive just what they require, eliminating confusion and raising customer happiness.

Empowering the Workflow with PrintPLANR’s Advanced Artwork Approval Process

Advanced Artwork Approval Process

Effortless Project Management

  1. Customizable Approval Flow:

    Project managers are essential in inspecting, modifying, and supervising discussion boards. They can modify approval processes to fit the requirements of specific projects.

  2. Real-time Notifications:

    The system sends out real-time email messages, keeping all users up-to-date. This guarantees customers receive updates and prompt access to the platform to perform the required tasks.

  3. Notification System:

    You can create an effective notification system that alerts users when files are sent or statuses change and also allows email links to provide one-click access to the platform, removing the need for manual logins.

  4. Editable Notes:

    PrintPLANR’s advanced artwork approval process allows project managers the freedom to alter notes before sharing them with clients. Close talks are held when necessary, with control over the communication flow maintained.

Security and adaptability

  1. Unshare Option:

    PrintPLANR’s artwork approval system includes an “unshare” option, allowing users to undo accidental shares for enhanced protection. It ensures that essential notes or information are quickly retracted.

  2. History Tracking:

    Keep a complete history of all shared files for each job to promote openness and accountability.


Investing in a sophisticated artwork approval system is a wise step toward your print company’s future success through increased productivity and teamwork. Modern artwork approval software can help you boost productivity, stay ahead of the competition, and see your company expand.

The Advanced Artwork Approval Process offered by PrintPLANR is revolutionary for artwork management. Employers may significantly increase worker cooperation and productivity by offering flexible approval procedures, user-friendly internal collaboration tools, and exceptional customer experiences.

Connect with us now to explore more and empower your print business. With this cutting-edge technology, you can ensure that your projects are finished precisely and quickly!