• Seamless Integration with Existing Ordering System

  • Hooked to your existing ordering system? PrintPLANR can seamlessly integrate with any other ordering system!

    Although many a software offer ordering systems, there are many factors that you need to consider before you settle for the cheapest. Price is definitely a  major factor, but when you need quality features at an affordable price, PrintPLANR is one software that caters to both needs beautifully. What if you can have multiple ordering systems in a single software? PrintPLANR offers you the benefit of managing multiple ordering systems (B2B, B2C). 

    PrintPLANR is also provided as a solution – software that is provided along with crucial services such as hosting, regular maintenance and support for the software to name a few. 

  • Below are the advantageous ordering systems that PrintPLANR portrays:

    • Provides a complete MIS and web ordering system.
    • Allows for external orders. That is, orders from other platforms to be imported and carried out as efficiently as its own.
    • These external platforms could be B2B or B2C websites. PrintPLANR efficiently integrates using one of the methods explained below:
  • API: If your current system has an API, linking with PrintPLANR allows you to read data from it and allow smooth import of orders into PrintPLANR’s MIS system. Updates including dispatch information can be sent back to your ordering system for transparency. 

  • Web Hooks: PrintPLANR involves web hooks that allow posting data from your existing system directly into PrintPLANR’s MIS system 

  • File: Export data through files in Comma Separated Values (CSV), MS-Excel or Text (.txt) format. Have it emailed to us or send it across through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and we’ll take care of the rest.

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    The above mentioned are just to name a few. There are many more methods that PrintPLANR utilizes. Feel free to consult us here to discuss about your requirements.