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Our system is so modular that it can start with as low as $49 per month. And then it can scale up based on any additional modules that you want, the reason why we haven’t published our price, we understand your requirement and we recommend the best package based on your requirements to get started. So that we can start with a very minimal price and as you grow, you can add additional features and the prices will fluctuate (go up and down; vary; oscillate) accordingly.


All major debit, credit cards, PayPal, and other payment options are accepted. Also, we support a range of currencies for conducting transactions.
Switching to a new plan from your existing plan can be done following a few simple steps. Go to your billing accounts page, select your chosen plan, and instantly start using the newly chosen features.
Absolutely! We only want you to pay for the emails you send. If your emails are infrequent, you can choose to buy credits in advance instead of opting for a monthly plan.
Indeed, we do. Our high-volume email senders plan is applicable when you have more than 200,000 contacts. You can further talk to our consultants if you need an even broader plan.
Mailchimp takes care of the overages automatically, and if prompt payments are made, you will enjoy an uninterrupted campaign and avoid pausing your accounts.

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