Print MIS Solution for all Printing Companies and Print Brokers

PrintPLANR works as a perfect Print MIS Solution for people who want to take their business on the go. This Print MIS solution not only acts as a solution to your business workflow, but also solves complicated business challenges.

All printers that are into printing, signage industry, promotional products printing and even print brokers/print managers can make use of the Print MIS Solution to manage their workflow. No matter the complexity or the size of a given print job, Print MIS solutions will meet all your requirements. Read on to know more.


Below are some great features of the PrintPLANR Print MIS Solution:

  • Cloud-based MIS Solution enables you to handle the workflow like a pro. In the Print MIS Solution, real-time data is centrally updated so you always have the right data in hand to see where your business is going.
  • Projects may require printing on various surfaces. The Print MIS Solution includes a strong ‘Online Design Studio’ module that will make your task easier. This is due to the flexibility provided by the MIS Solution to design a product the exact way that you need.
  • The Print MIS Solution is specially crafted to be usable equally well by all business sizes. The solution is also highly modular, the fact that enables you to pick only those modules that you need and pay for those alone. You can also consult us (for free) if you are unsure of the modules your business requires.
  • Accurate print estimates derived via the Print MIS Solution on the basis of inventory used. Profit is displayed so you can make the best business decision. Share these quotes created by the Print MIS Solution with relevant customers for their approval.
  • Only create print jobs with approved quotes and avoid wasted prints with the help of this Print MIS Solution. Automatically, you are saving cost and the MIS Solution is helping your business do better!
  • Progress approved quotes to jobs in just one step in the Print MIS Solution.
  • The Print MIS Solution offers highly customizable B2B and B2C storefronts to sell your products on an attractive platform that also functions efficiently. Provide the latest, multiple payment gateways for your customers to choose from.
  • Customize the Print MIS Solution’s dashboard to suit your preferences based on what helps your business best. We can also guide you if you need our expert suggestion on what widgets to select to display on the dashboard of the Print MIS Solutions based on the way your business works!
  • Manage all prospects, customers (and contacts), suppliers with the advanced CRM module of the Print MIS Solution. The Print MIS Solutions also allows you to add task/call for any contact and assign them to your staff. They can follow up with the same, while you can see the updates including the task/call status. Have the best customer service in place, thanks to the Print MIS Solution!
  • The Print MIS Solution allows status to be set at every stage of a job in progress. Delivery notes can be created along with information of the job number, estimate number and purchase order number that are relevant to the job.
  • The Print MIS Solution supports all trending document and image formats for easy designing.
  • Gain a better ROI while reducing workload with the help of the Print MIS Solution.
  • Specially crafted to cater to needs of modern printing businesses requiring a Print MIS Solution.
We understand that despite adding all modules that we think are important – regardless of their weightage – you may still have a request. In such cases you can contact us and we will see what can be done! (We have created many fields and modules for customers with special requests). Looking forward to join hands!