Create & Manage Virtual Print Shop Workflow Way Better

Ever wondered how nice it would be to have a strong management in place for your print shop? The workflow of the print shop software would involve a huge deal of tasks from creation of the shop to designing catalogs, adding products, phrases/messages for customers. This best ensures that your customers never get stuck while shopping from the print shop while you create attractive offers for customers regularly.

Now, just imagine if all these processes of the workflow for your print shop software were automated. PrintPLANR offers you the best print shop workflow software that stands as a one-stop workflow software solution to automate the entire workflow for your print shop, while cutting down tedious manual tasks the best way possible. Digital world demands the best modern print shop workflow software that is reliable and delivers the desired output on time, and this is exactly what your customers would expect from you.
print shop management software

The print shop workflow software offers you some of the best features:

  • Highly customizable print shop with a host of best features to have an attractive and efficient storefront for your valued customers with simple and super easy navigation so they will never lose interest before they place their orders!
  • Categorize the print shop products to be editable or non-editable by your customers. When a product is editable, you can allow your customers to edit the products to suit their expected style in the product. Arrange the products in the print shop in the same order you need them to appear on the storefront. You can reorder them any number of times depending upon the need.
  • Create offers and enable the best discount on usage of coupons (again, created by you) when your customers place their order on your print shop. Hide B2B store prices from your B2C customers if required! Payment gateway integration lets you to allow your customers payment through a secure payment gateway (if online mode is enabled). Also allow various payment modes.
  • Unlimited image storage (depending upon the plan you have chosen) in the print shop offers you to upload as many images as you need for all editable products. Cloud storage for the print shop implies that you can expand or lessen the best resources you need for your print shop as per the growth of your business.
  • Choose the font that you want from our wide list of available fonts. What’s more is that you can even upload your OWN font for your print shop!
  • Order status for an order in the print shop – set as many order statuses as you want and use them to denote best where an order stands via the print shop.
  • Customize the print shop ordering process including shopping cart options and multiple options for the checkout page. Orders can also be easily imported into the print shop in the format of the provided, downloadable file. You can set spending limit per use or per department in the print shop. This might especially come handy when your offers on the print shop are high on demand. Allow customers to notice if a product is out of stock and allow them to back order for the same, if they are still interested.
  • Save email drafts that can be edited at any point of time or sent across from the print shop just the way it has been saved.
  • Create the terms and conditions for your print shop with any font, add images and customize the entire content including text alignment, color and so on. Enable when required and disable when you do not require to display the terms and conditions.
software for print shop Workflow

All this with the fact that PrintPLANR offers the print shop workflow module at such an affordable price that includes a host of many efficient modules and multiple settings to customize your B2B or B2C storefront. Make the workflow quicker and smoother and in case of your customers, smoothen the way they place their orders with the best-in-class print shop workflow software available.

We understand that despite adding all modules that we think are important – regardless of their weightage – you may still have a request. In such cases, do contact us and we will see what can be done! (We have created many fields and modules for customers with special requests). Looking forward to join hands!