Seamless Payment Gateway Integration

Manage Invoices and Transactions with Ease!

Enhance your payment processing and streamline invoicing with PrintPLANR seamless Payment Gateway integrations. We offer hassle-free integration with various payment systems, including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.NET, and many more, for easy tracking of your transactions and invoicing. Whether complete or part of the payment system you need, our system ensures a hassle-free and secure payment experience for your clients.
Seamless Payment Gateway Integration for Invoices

Simplify Transactions with PrintPLANR Payment Gateway Integrations

Invoice Payment Integration

Invoice Payment Integration:

Integrate invoices with well-known payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.NET, and others. Customize payment methods, whether total or partial, and create directions for your customers.

Payment authorization

Payment authorization:

Upon a successful Payment Gateway authorization, PrintPLANR is notified and proceeds with the payment collection; for failed transactions, customers need to take immediate action.

Payment Authentication

Payment Authentication:

Seamlessly change card details through payment authentication. The payment gateway handles authentication and transaction updates to ensure reliable payment processing without direct interference from PrintPLANR.

Reliable Payment Verification

Reliable Payment Verification:

The Payment Gateway governs transaction authentication, continuously notifying PrintPLANER of any transaction result.

Make Your Transactions Secure and Get Seamless Payment Process!

Enhance customer satisfaction and streamline your payment process with PrintPLANR payment gateway integrations.

Secured Transactions with Feature-Rich Payment Gateway Integration

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options:

Get flexible payment solutions, full or partial, with payment details that ensure your customers know the amount due.

Streamlined Transaction Monitoring

Streamlined Transaction Monitoring:

PrintPLANR’s payment gateway integration is effective throughout any process, from updating card details to receiving transaction notifications.

Real-Time Transaction Updates

Real-Time Transaction Updates:

Get updates on the users' successful or unsuccessful payment status immediately, setting directly from the gateway.

Secure B2B/B2C Checkout Experience

Secure B2B/B2C Checkout Experience:

Either on a B2B or B2C site, deliver a guaranteed and simple checkout experience with PrintPLANR integration with a payment gateway.

Simplified Payment Process

Simplified Payment Process:

Say no to complex payment operations with our user-friendly interface and straightforward workflow in payment processing.

Seamless Integration Across Platforms

Seamless Integration Across Platforms:

Combine our Payment Gateway with your B2B and B2C websites in an effortless and straightforward way. Your online transactions should be seamless and secure for invoicing or checkout processes.

Our Integrations

Explore our wide range of payment gateway integration options to find the perfect fit for your business needs.

PayPal Integration

Integrate PayPal directly to your PrintPLANR platform. Thus, the consumer will have a reliable and more familiar option.

PayPal Integration

Stripe Integration

Incorporate Stripe integration, the payment processor that ensures secure transactions as well as swift fund transfers.

Stripe Integration

Elavon Integration

Elavon integration uses the most superior encryption technologies to secure payment-sensitive data.

Elavon Integration

Eway Integration

Integrate payment processing with Eway, which leads to speedy and safe transactions for the company.

Eway Integration

Elly Pos Integration

Conveniently, the PrintPLANR platform can integrate with Elly Pos, a payment platform for your business.

Elly Pos Integration

Payfast Integration

Pay Fast integration will enable you to make payments promptly; therefore, the clients’ transactions will take seconds.

Payfast Integration

Nab Integration Integration

Simplifies payment processes and provide a smooth experience for both you and your clients.

Nab Integration

Bankart Integration

Integration of Bankart opens up more options for your payment means and enables you to serve the needs of various customer types.

Bankart Integration

Authorize.NET Integration

Authorize.NET integration ensures stable payment authorization and offers consistent transaction authentication.

Authorize.NET Integration

Why Choose Us?

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  • Effortless Payment Management:

    Let payments be done easier with only a single platform.

  • Real-time Updates:

    Go for notifications, which are instant concerning transactions.

  • Flexible Integration:

    Streamline the client’s journey by linking the payment gateways.

  • Efficiency:

    Get simplified payment processes and time for saving.

  • Reliability:

    Provides robust and reliable payment gateway integration for smooth-sailing transaction management.

  • Customer Satisfaction:

    Get a flexible checkout with more payment options.

  • Security:

    Rest assured with go-to payment gateways, which are the best in the industry.

  • Scalability:

    Progress gracefully by incorporating sustainable payment gateway integrations.

  • Reliable Partnerships:

    Provides diverse and reliable payment gateways that are safe and efficient.

Our Clients Say


“We have been proud to work in partnership with PrintPLANR and are delighted with their innovative approach and use of technology to meet our ever-changing needs. Their willingness to adapt to our requirements and respond to change requests or issues is second to none. PrintPLANR has assisted our business from end to end, it has given us the ability to, not only, create and track jobs, quotes and deliveries, but also monitor and reduce outgoing costs, increase our margins and have our in-house inventory proactively updated.
The communication, service and capability we have received from PrintPLANR thus far has been tremendous, we look forward to working closer together in the future.”

Daniel Cicivelli

The Print Department, Australia

“I would Like to thank Vikash and the team at PrintPlanr for their help in installing this system into our Business. We have had a moderate increase in sales due to the fact we have been able to focus on our core business, which is printing and not be consumed by everyday admin. This software does the heavy lifting. The transition was smooth as silk and a pleasant experience.
Well done, PrintPlanr team!”

Gavin Allen

Crystal Print Media, Australia

“We are a print broker in the UK and have always been focussed on systems and best practice so that we can offer our client’s a great service. Printplanr is the most streamlined and “broker” focussed MIS we have used. The system has enabled us to offer our clients a more comprehensive service including online stock management whilst enabling us to save time on order processing. Vic and his team are very responsive, there is quite a time difference between the UK and India but their flexibility has ensured that this is not an issue. We are looking forward to working together over the coming years and continue improving what is already a very user-friendly system.”

Andrew Perry

Director, Amber Printwork Limited, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start with PrintPLANR Payment Gateway integration?
Integrating PrintPLANR Payment Gateway is straightforward from the beginning. You can connect with us via the contact options available on our website. We will guide you through the process, understand your business's needs, and help you choose the payment gateway integration options.
How much does the PrintPLANR Payment Gateway integration service cost?
The price of PrintPLANR Payment Gateway integration services might differ based on your specific requirements, namely, the payment gateways you use, the integration complexity, and any other customization. We provide flexible pricing plans that can be matched to the needs of small and medium enterprises. Call our sales executives to get the quote that is best for your unique needs.
How does integrating Mailchimp with print management software enhance email campaign management?
With Mailchimp and print management integration, email campaign management becomes more effective by centralizing customer data. Users have access to a tool that they can use to segment prospects, personalize the content, and track the campaign output, improving the overall engagement and conversion rates.
Can customized payment methods be integrated with PrintPLANR Payment Gateway?
Of course, there will be diverse payment methods for integration and settlement. Whether you want to provide full, fractional payments or recurring billing, you can choose the payment gateways and other customization options to suit your business’s needs.
Is the transaction security acceptable with PrintPLANR Payment Gateway integration?
Security is the ultimate key to successfully adopting PrintPLANR Payment Gateway. In partnership with top-notch payment gateways, we use the latest security techniques, including encryption and coding, to ensure the safe and secure processing of all transactions. Please ensure your customers’ sensitive data is safe during the entire duration of your transaction.
Does PrintPLANR offer real-time transaction updates with Payment Gateway integration?
Yes, PrintPLANR provides real-time transaction updates as part of our Payment Gateway integration services. You’ll receive instant notifications regarding the status of transactions, whether they are successful or unsuccessful. This allows for efficient monitoring and management of your payment processes in real time.