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  • Print MIS, Storefront, Online Design Studio, CRM & Business Intelligence Included 

    A modular, highly customizable MIS software solution that can be created to suit your business uniquely. Multiple setting allows you to change them as and when required, so you never have to stick to a monotonous solution. With every customization setting, the MIS software offers the print industry a specialty view and is efficient with every module and innumerable features. The printing industry has high competition in terms of business just like any other field and a good software solution that caters to your needs (the more the better) is no longer an option, but a must.

    Printing Companies

    Refers to companies that undertake various types of printing projects. The MIS software is flexible enough to suit all sizes of the printing industry, given the modular fashion of the solution. You can pick the modules of the software that would be of use to your business and pay for them alone. There is no limit as to how many modules you can opt for in PrintPLANR. In fact, we regularly update the existing modules for our clients as per current business trend in the market!

    Print Brokers

    Also termed as Print Managers – depending on certain factors, you may either own a printing company or you may just manage and outsource print jobs for your customers. As a print manager, you can use PrintPLANR software to outsource your print jobs hassle-free with better organization, thanks to automation. Manage jobs via internet through a browsing device such as MAC, PC or even an iPad/Tablet – meaning that you can monitor and work from anywhere with the software. Always keep yourself updated with status of jobs, manage them accordingly and ensure that the process is carried out just as required. The solution works perfectly as a print broker software.

    Promotional Companies

    Whether you are promoting a brand, an institute or a company, you will need to work carefully with creating outstanding posters, campaigns, etc., after careful planning. After the first stage being planning, the next challenge will be to figure out and create the required materials. With an MIS software, cut off the time and effort taken to calculate all of these together to get an estimation. PrintPLANR MIS System provides you with accurate and ready print estimates. These quotes can be reviewed and the decision of whether or not going further with orders with this costing can be easily taken.

    Signage Industry

    The MIS software PrintPLANR comes equally handy for printers that are into Signage industry. Whether it involves signboards or any other large format printing for the industry that you require, the print MIS software gives you accurate print estimates. The MIS software lets you send out quotes directly to your customers via email and allow them to approve. You can further finalize the process and get the print job carried out to completion for your customer. Send them across a tracking URL provided by your order delivery partner to keep them updated about the order status.

    How PrintPLANR helps:

    • Automation: Reduce your overall manual work by up to 80% with a printing software that automates nearly all tasks.
    • Real-time: Stay updated with every step of your job with notifications from the software in real-time.
    • Business: We mean business, whether it’s yours or ours. We will ensure that you get the best services from us. The solution is built on business level that fits the entire printing industry.
    • Support: Great support system with well-versed communication guaranteed. The solution is always updated and you get the optimal usage of the same.
    • More for less: The affordable software solution ensures that you get so much more than what you pay for. More features for lesser pricing.
    • Uniformity: All your projects – whether simple or complex, will be handled smoothly to ensure the best outcome in any job under the entire print industry.
    • Quality: When you invest so much in a solution, you expect value for money. PrintPLANR believes in the same! The benefits you get are totally worth your investment.
    • User Friendly: Anyone can use PrintPLANR with ease as it is built to be user friendly and well navigable.
    • Power: Power to user as the highly modular Print MIS software is highly customizable. Use your creativity to its utmost with the Online Design Studio to customize print designs.

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