• PrintPLANR Print MIS – QuickBooks Integration

  • PrintPLANR QuickBooks integration allows you to fully synchronize your invoices with QuickBooks accounting software.

    PrintPLANR is a cloud-based Print MIS solution that manages various print functions within your print business like CRM, quote manager, job manager, etc., to help you get more organized and functional. The solution when integrated with QuickBooks accounting software, streamlines your entire workflow and looks after all the accounting aspects.

    QuickBooks Integration

    QuickBooks is an easy-to-use cloud accounting software that is mainly designed to relieve business owners from the stress of managing their own financial data. QuickBooks works incredibly well with any business type as it allows them to scale as they grow. Added to this, QuickBooks is considered as the most popularly used accounting software throughout the globe due to its advanced feature list and compatibility.

    PrintPLANR and QuickBooks integration will reduce the burden of your business by automating invoice creation and purchase orders.

    QuickBooks accounting software allows you to create customed invoices and purchase orders in real-time. Also, the solution syncs your devices, so you can work anytime and from anywhere.

    Here’s what you can do with the accounting software:

    • Access and manage your financial data from the cloud.
    • Automatic backup of invoices.
    • Create invoices, purchase orders, purchase receipts, bills, etc.
    • Spend the least time on manual data-entry.
    • Secure access to accounting data.

    The integration syncs the following data from PrintPLANR to QuickBooks:

    • Invoices
    • Purchase orders
    • Customer data
    • Invoice details
    • Payment details
    • Expenses
    • Tax details

    How it all works

    PrintPLANR can be integrated with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop version. However, the integration is more of a desktop setup. Thus, we recommend QuickBooks Online once access is authorized. You can set up a rule while synchronizing PrintPLANR with QuickBooks to send invoices and purchase orders based on a date range i.e., on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The integration carries out various functions such as invoice approval, invoice creation, report generation and more.

    Although the only challenge faced in QuickBooks Desktop version is the mapping of fields from PrintPLANR as it might require mapping of the fields and a manual download of the files and importing the same into the accounting system. You can also use QuickBooks connector to synchronize your printing software with QuickBooks.

    Compatibility with other software

    Apart from QuickBooks, PrintPLANR’s highly compatible Print MIS software can also be integrated with any of the following accounting software:

    • Xero
    • FreshBooks
    • MYOB
    • Sage
    • Fortnox
  • Highlights of the integration

    • Invoices: The invoices can be exported automatically or manually to QuickBooks based on filters or status. The customer details and invoice details are synced, therefore any changes made in PrintPLANR’s settings are automatically reflected in QuickBooks accounting software.
    • Purchase Order: The purchase orders are linked with QuickBooks accounting software the same way as for invoices.
    • Customer Data: The integration allows you to export your customer data over to QuickBooks and any further changes made in PrintPLANR settings are automatically mirrored in QuickBooks without duplicating the records.
    • Seamless Integration: QuickBooks accounting software integrates seamlessly with PrintPLANR and create invoices, bills, payments, estimates, purchase orders, sales receipts, etc.
    • Customization: Our custom integration options enable your customers to sync their values exactly the way they want to.
    • Supplier Records: Similar to customer info, the supplier’s info like contact and other details are synced with QuickBooks accounting software.

    Is the integration secure?

    Configuring QuickBooks is easier than ever as the integration comes with enterprise-level security and multiple layers of protection to guard your data from malware. Two-factor authentication is used to authorize your QuickBooks login. Furthermore, PrintPLANR does not save the user credentials of your QuickBooks account.

    Get started with PrintPLANR Print MIS – QuickBooks accounting integration today. Feel free to contact us for more details.