PrintPLANR Print MIS – XERO Integration

PrintPLANR’s XERO integration offers both – a complete business and accounting solution – as a single packaged solution.

PrintPLANR Print MIS (Management Information System) offers complete CRM, quote and job management. When integrated with XERO Accounting Software, it takes care of all the accounting aspects by eliminating manual touch-points. Read on to see how seamless the entire process is.


XERO Integration

XERO is one of the most widely implemented accounting software and what’s even better is that its easy-to-integrate APIs make it extremely simple to export financial data from our PrintPLANR Print MIS software to XERO. The present integration synchronizes the following data from PrintPLANR to XERO:

When an invoice is marked as ‘Paid’ in XERO, the same gets mirrored in PrintPLANR as the software reads the payment status and marks the invoice as paid in our solution as well.

The integration also reads the ‘Accounting Code’ and imports into the PrintPLANR Software.

How it all works?

Besides from XERO Integration, you have the option to integrate PrintPLANR with any of these accounting software:


Highlights of the Integration



Our standard and custom integration options empower our clients to sync the values the way they want to.

Customer Data

Integration ensures complete export of customer information to XERO without duplicating the records, and further changes getting automatically reflected.

Supplier Records

Similar to customer info, the supplier’s info like contact and other details are synced as ‘Vendors’ with XERO accounting software.


You can export invoices individually or in bulk based on filters/status and update changes on Print MIS which gets reflected in real-time on Xero.


Purchase Order

A Vendor’s purchase orders are synced with the accounting software the same way as for Invoices.

Is the Integration Secure?

The whole integration process is secured with a two-factor authentication and the connection between PrintPLANR and XERO is limited to 30 minutes only, which means the connection is automatically disconnected once all records are synced. Also, if you wish to add more records beyond 30 minutes, you can reauthorize the integration by logging into XERO system once again. Added to that, PrintPLANR does not save the user credentials of your XERO account.