Revolutionizing The Print Industry

Printing is no longer a simple job of converting digital text onto a hard physical format. Printing has evolved to include multiple types of printing over wide networks where a single printer is shared by multiple computers or server devices. On the other hand, even a single system might use multiple printers based on different requirements. The need for convenience has made printing even more elaborate with various tools available on all formats for a system.

MIS Software for Print Industry:

A Management Information System (MIS) is a computer based system that has tools to organize, evaluate and efficiently manage different departments of a business. The software should process information from the computers and support decisions using specialized algorithms. The Print MIS Systems are required to handle modern printers and fit into the existing areas of business that should be personally designed for each company based on varying needs.

Requirements of a Printing MIS:

The software has to be browser based for optimal usage and should be accessible anywhere, anytime. It has to support multiple formats, include marketing and mailing services. It has to drastically reduce the implementation times and offer specialized import and export functionalities that will reduce the overall turnaround time. It has to estimate the standard time and perform real time decisions.

Printing MIS has to support multiple languages and have multi-currency options. On the other hand, it also has to be flexible in deployment. One way is making it available in office premises, the other is on the cloud. Modern companies will opt for the cloud as in this case resources are scalable and data is more secure. An exclusive executive dashboard that controls the system and interfaces for multiple interfaces is a huge plus.

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