Estimating Software for Signage Industry

The signage industry has evolved over time and has newer demands that would fit the revolution well enough. Manual tasks are no longer of much help and are also quite impossible to blindly rely on. Signs are an integral part of most industries and mostly that of advertising. In most cases, the sign industry also has more responsibility (again, advertising) as you will be printing for your customers who may have hired you as their only source of marketing.

Whether it is a printed sign for billboards, banners or street related signs, the main purpose of the design created by a sign printer is that it should be perfect and comprehensible by its viewers. Being a part of signage business, one would know just how far the struggles can get – be it designing and/or printing the sign or communication with the customer (let alone the competitors for signage printing!) – every step is a challenge in itself including print estimation, especially the manual estimating process. A sign estimating software is your way to go for anyone who needs help with any of these tasks!

The Sign Estimating software not only caters to the above needs but it is required to be smart enough to handle unforeseen tasks too.

PrintPLANR is the perfect sign printing price estimating software for all your print estimation needs. The sign estimating software crafted for sign printing businesses caters to all needs of you as a business as well as your customers.


This sign estimating software has a host of other features to help signage

Sign Estimating Software--PrintPLANR
  • The estimating approach of the software automates all tasks, warding off the tedious manual approach. This results in fewer to no errors in any stage of the order fulfillment process. The sign estimating software organizes workflow from quotes/estimates until the product is delivered. View each information with selected filters.
  • Manage your entire printing business with the help of a single reliable sign estimating software. The modular sign estimating software promises best value for money regarding your investment in the price estimating software.
  • Set up the smart dashboard in the sign estimating software to display the modules that you’d like with info displayed for any chosen time period.
  • Easily measure the performance of your business’ salespersons by setting them targets, while the sign estimating software will calculate the rest for you. This can be done with respect to both job value and estimates.
  • The smart sign price estimating feature of the software calculates the estimates based on inventory used (price and quantity with clear cost break-up) and also calculates profit based on the same. Keeping this as reference, you can decide what needs to be changed in the sign print order (estimating) to make the job much more profitable.
  • Share the sign estimate/quote created per job with customers and progress the approved software-estimated value into relevant jobs with just one click. Along with estimating information, other information including the sign job’s quotes, products & purchases, etc., and most importantly even those of your customers and prospects can be accessed via the sign estimating software at any point.
  • View the status of a job at each stage of the sign job progression. This not only benefits you, but also your customers who want to know the sign job status from the software at any given point of time.
  • Using this information (CRM), add tasks and/or calls to the sign print job and assign it to preferred staff. You staff will be able to view this information that includes details of due date, time, status and carry out tasks more efficiently with the help of the software.
  • If required, you can import inventory into the signage software with an option to either update and add new records or delete all existing records and create new ones. You can also export inventory from the estimating solution to another system in Excel or CSV format– choose any category that you have created along with required columns to start the export.
  • Customers can be either a company or an individual. Multiple contacts can be added in the estimating solution for a single customer (company).
  • For every module, the software gives you the highly beneficial ‘reporting’ feature where you can customize reports, save them with preferred name and run the report.
  • The software is built to be used with full functionality on any desktop or laptop devices like Mac, tablet or a PC.
We understand that despite adding all modules that we think are important – regardless of their weightage – you may still have a request. In such cases, do contact us and we will see what can be done! (We have created many fields and modules for customers with special requests). Looking forward to join hands!