Things to Consider While Buying Print MIS Software for US Firms

Do you think you spend too much time, money, and effort on an old print system that isn’t up to speed or delivering expected results like your competitors in the USA? Or are you looking at how your business can profit from a new Print MIS software in the United States?

Let us help you to take some weight off your shoulders by presenting you with a Print MIS (Management Information System) for US companies. The primary thing to consider while purchasing a Web2print system or Print MIS software for United States companies is your current workflow setup and situation.

Many printing companies in the USA prefer to change the print equipment within 1 or 2 years regularly. Still, they are less pleased to purchase new Print MIS software, a one-stop solution for commercial, signage, promotional, and print broker companies meant to be for an extended period.

Replacing the Print MIS system with your existing print system might be challenging and affect operations for a short time. Still, it’s one of the significant decisions to streamline your print business in the USA by creating automated and dynamic workflow management.

Researching and selecting a print management solution from a single vendor deserves careful consideration, as pricing and features are only a part of any solution’s ultimate value and cost that cater to their needs.

Considering the above points, here are some of our top recommendations for any buyer to consider while upgrading or buying Print MIS software for United States companies. Let’s discuss every aspect one by one.

Important Steps to Consider Before Buying a Print MIS Software for USA Printing Companies

Print MIS Systems for the USA
  1. Research and understand your requirements

    In the modern technological world, it’s vital to perform detailed research about your process and understand the overall situation of buying a new print MIS software in the US. It would help if you thought about the big picture of how a new print management solution will help their business rather than merely updating the existing system.

    Understand how to handle workflow and streamline your business process to become more efficient. Performing a workflow analysis will identify the time required for each task, from ordering, shipping, billing, reporting, and much more.

  2. Make a list of your business goals

    Once you’ve researched and understood the process requirements, you need to achieve your desired results by mapping out the critical objectives to measure your success in the US print business. Create a prioritized list of areas that you want to improve.

    Find out the problems leading to decreasing turnaround time, efficiency, and performance and how a print MIS system for USA companies will help automate the business workflow from quoting, orders, job management, dispatch, invoicing, inventory, and shipping to increase ROI.

  3. Create an evaluation team with a project plan

    Adapting to a new print MIS software will impact the whole operations and affect the whole business, so it’s vital to build a core evaluation team of subject matter experts actively involved in the business decision process.

    A core team should consist of a project manager, system administrator, operations manager, and customer service manager because purchasing a print MIS for US firms involves much more than shopping. An evaluation team needs a project plan to enhance business productivity and adapt to changes in time.

  4. Plan and create your budget

    There are many factors to consider while determining the budget for purchasing print MIS software for United States companies. Remember, it’s a long-term investment, so keeping two percent of the revenue for software and upgradation services is essential.

    The percentage can vary according to business needs. Still, it would help if you considered software costs, ongoing software support costs, implementation costs, infrastructure costs, training costs, staff time, secondary test systems, consultant services, and others while creating your budget.

  5. Determine essential features and functions

    Print MIS software is a cloud-based automated workflow management software with many features, functions, and capabilities that works beyond any simple MIS software. Implementing it would be complicated, time-consuming, and head-scratching.

    Have a thorough discussion with the vendors to understand how print MIS software will help US companies with features and functions that impact positively and increase the ROI in the future. Does PrintPLANR’s print MIS system can meet all your business functionality criteria, and is its UI easy to use?

  6. Scope of third party integration

    Print MIS software should provide an overall view of handling management processes such as quoting, ordering, procurement, and fulfillment. PrintPLANR’s print MIS software can significantly take care of the challenges of the print business and its management and eliminate manual handoff by integrating with third-party apps.

    The Print MIS and Web2Print solution for the US companies integrates various third-party solutions, including accounting, payment gateway, shipping engine, marketing and campaign, advanced CRM, and more, to speed up the process and reduce cost and frustration.

  1. Workflow assistance with other software tools

    When choosing a vendor for purchasing a print MIS system for your US company, ensure the vendor is willing to assist in comprehending the current process by adapting your techniques and process, identifying the areas that need improvement, and enhancing productivity and efficiency based on experience.

    Ask the vendor about the other software tools they will use for the project to ensure it runs smoothly without hassles. Check for implementation and software tools such as a fast start database, import utilities, training guides, and online videos for your team members post-execution.

  2. Choose the reliable vendor and right software

    Determining the right vendor is equally important to select the right software. Make sure the vendor and the print MIS software for USA firms are well-suitable for future projects and consider some valuable pointers to ask the vendor which are not obvious.

    • The vendor should be active in the market you serve and provide a range of capabilities, each with its unique needs.
    • They should provide additional services such as product training, SLAs, quality assurance, and customer assistance.
    • A print MIS software should be able to adapt to new changes, offerings, additional volumes, or a new line of business with growth.
    • Ask about their product roadmap in the coming years, how long they have been providing Print MIS systems, and how many installations they have. Etc.


Ensure the vendor you are selecting has a dynamic and scalable Print MIS system suitable for US companies that match your unique requirements in the foreseeable future. PrintPLANR’s Print MIS software is a workflow management software designed for print industries, be it signage, promotional, commercial, or print brokers.

Reduce the workflow’s complexity and eliminate mistakes that cost customer retention with a SaaS-based cloud solution. You do not have to squander time implementing it in your company and start once we import your data. Contact our friendly specialist to get a personalized quote for US companies.