• Warehouse Management System

    Warehousing is Reborn

    Turn your product catalog into serving as a dual-purpose. How about a catalog management and warehouse management system in one? Read on to know the features of warehousing provided by PrintPLANR:

    • Create locations of warehouse and positions within to store products.
    • The modern warehousing provider handles the logistics section effortlessly.
    • Products in stock can be used for online customer orders (requires PrintPLANR Web2Print Online Store Module) and can be utilized in estimates and jobs.
    • Customers can request replenishing warehouse stock though their online orders and relevant products will be re-stocked accordingly.
    • Configure the warehouse management process yourself in order to have consistent allocation and reduction of stock based on orders.
    • Sell products individually or create virtual kits consisting of multiple items.
    • Custom reports and save them for future reference.