What is Sign MIS?

Everything you should know before choosing a perfect Sign MIS Software for your Sign Industry

Sign Estimating Software or a Sign MIS (Management Information System) is an all-purpose workflow management software specifically designed for the Sign industry. From the generation of accurate estimates or quotes, conversion to jobs with job tracking, and conversion to invoices, the sign estimation software should take care of all aspects of managing your business processes.

Sign MIS System for Signage Industry

Sign estimation software should generate accurate quotes that keep the customers happy while not cutting down on the profit margin. Either overestimation or underestimation of the quotes leads to a loss and hinders your sign business’s growth. Hence a perfect sign MIS software maintains an ideal balance between the company and customer needs.

Also, having a sign estimation software in your sign business can be beneficial as it improves productivity efficiently and increases the ROI. Hence, it equally becomes important to choose the right software for a successful implementation. Here we provide the most crucial features you need to consider before selecting the Sign estimation Software to maximize your performance efficiency.

The 10 Unmissable Features that a Sign MIS Software should have!

  1. The sign estimation software should consider the fixed and variable expenses, including the project duration, labor & material costs, and the profit margin while coming up with the estimates. The estimates should have an easy price interface with a cost breakup that clarifies any customer’s woes.
  2. The workflow business management system should provide an overview of all the jobs and pick up the most profitable projects. The prioritization of tasks will help gain or increase the overall profit margin, finally leading to its growth.
  3. The estimates generated are only accurate when the current market values are considered, and hence the sign MIS should provide the updated market values of materials while generating the estimates. Staying updated on the market values eliminates unnecessary losses in the sign business.
  4. The sign estimation software should have a fully integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management), inventory management, order management, and a job tracking option for smooth completion of the job from the beginning of quote generation to its transition to work order and finally, an invoice upon delivery.
  5. The sign MIS must have a Kanboard view of all the jobs with easy drag-and-drop options to change the job status with visibility available to all the concerned departments for the jobs’ proper functioning without any delays.
  6. The Sign estimator should also have easy options for sharing the quotes with the customers in a pdf format and reminders to follow up with the clients regarding the estimates, with an option to share mass emails with customizable client names.
  7. A good sign MIS can do a predictive analysis of the materials, production time, and labor costs required from the data collected from the previous jobs.
  8. The software should also track the discounts offered and track the history of estimates generated. This feature helps in providing personalized touch in your business, ensuring high-quality customer service.
  9. The sign estimation software should provide reports considering custom KPIs that specifically adhere to your sign business’s workflow. The detailed reports help in making insightful decisions in your sign business.
  10. For efficient invoice generation, it is highly recommended that the sign estimator is seamlessly integrated with financial management and accounting tool.

Why choose PrintPLANR's Sign Estimation Software?

An industry-specific software designed and developed after keeping a particular niche in mind is highly recommended, as it provides the best functionalities and increases productivity. Although, even an industry-specific software solution further needs customizations to fit a business’s workflow accurately. This is where PrintPLANR’s Sign Estimation Software stands out among the top. It provides options for a wide range of customizations and allows multiple add-ons to be integrated along with the features mentioned above.

The sign MIS from PrintPLANR has its own API that allows multiple integrations with third-party software, eliminates multiple data entries, and prevents any manual-errors from occurring. Also, providing all relevant data to be accessed from one single platform securely. The software offers selective access/visibility to the parties involved with the right credentials.

On top of all this, we regularly interact with our clients to improve the software to ensure we only deliver the best solution out into the Signage industry. The clientele will benefit from increased productivity, performance efficiency, and reduced production time.

With PrintPLANR, you never have to worry about anything as we take care of everything, from providing the required assistance from the Sign MIS software’s set up to its implementation, regular upgrades with its maintenance. Our priority is serving our clients the best and 100% customer satisfaction.

Salient Features of Sign MIS Software

PrintPLANR's Sign MIS Highlights:

  1. Accurate estimates with cost-breakups with all relevant costs considered.
  2. The Sign MIS offers a Kanboard styled-job board that makes job status tracking easy and efficient.
  3. It is an all-in-one solution that eliminates multiple data-entries and provides an integrated system.
  4. Cost-efficient, effective in streamlining your sign business workflow, increasing your productivity and the ROI.
  5. Get a custom dashboard that provides insightful reports to help you make impactful decisions in your business.

Are you from the Sign Industry and looking for a solution that addresses all the roadblocks in your workflow?

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