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Importance of Warehouse Management System in Print MIS

You have a great Print Management Information System that’s dedicated to cater to all your business needs. But does it provide warehouse management too?

Products that are prepared for your customers need to be very specific and customized according to their preference. A Print MIS System must have these at least these following options:

  • Create different types of products and classify them
  • Assign different pricing for each product
  • Discount options for products
  • Proof online the products that are editable
  • Option to sell individual products or as a kit (multiple products included)
  • As a final step, allow customization by customers themselves.

Once this is clear, the next step is to store these products and this storage/warehouse must be constantly monitored for good management. Whether you are into print business or are a print broker, you know exactly how difficult managing these warehouse products can get! From stocking to labeling to packaging and shipping, all must be done in an organized workflow for hassle-free deliveries.

Depending upon your business size, you may be using an internal warehouse or an external one if space is a restriction. No matter which of these you have opted for, it is mandatory to have a good warehouse manager in place. If it is automated, what more can you ask for!? Humans tend to make mistakes but a software never does when setup right. Yet another reason why you should opt for not only automated software, but from a reliable vendor with a good and also professional experience.

PrintPLANR is one such solution that supports all the features above and much more! Read on to know more:

1. Order management for Internal Warehouse

  • Packaging details
  • Delivery notes
  • Docket numbers

2. Warehouse management for External Warehouse

  • Delivery information to the warehouse or carrier company for timely delivery
  • Job Definition Format (JDF) for the press with all required printing info
  • Data export from one system to another – such as CRM
  • No fuss about communication – PrintPLANR serves as the perfect communicator via notifications and provides real-time data access to all those user roles who have the permission to access.

For more details on how PrintPLANR works as an efficient Print MIS along with the warehouse management module, click here.