Simplify Complicated Estimates with PrintPLANR Advanced Calculation

In the fluctuating print industry, an accurate material cost estimate is vital. At times, estimates in traditional estimate forms have no chance for change, which forces businesses to use those fixed values. Once complexity is resolved in the advanced calculation process, solutions get more and more critical. Leveraging the power of our Advanced Calculations function, PrintPLANR excels at transforming quotes into estimations.

Let us take a closer look at PrintPLANR’s advanced calculation, its benefits in print estimates, and how PrintPLANR addressed industry challenges with its advanced calculation feature.

Standard Estimation in Print Estimating System

In standard estimation, clients are often limited to updating parameters like material, press, required product count, and obtaining a price with established back-end calculations in a standard estimation within a print estimating system.

Understanding Industry Challenges

  1. Diverse Print Requirements:

     Enterprises are undoubtedly faced with accommodating diversities in production and print requirements that are manageable for different organizations.

  2. Integration with Existing Systems:

     Enterprises experience difficulty expanding the system with these capabilities to make such systems standard.

  3. Data Accuracy and Consistency:

     As data integrity is of great concern to enterprises, executing precise and uniform data across platforms will be quite challenging.

  4. Training and Adoption:

     While educating employees and ignoring their traditional style of calculation is a challenge, it also means they can gain new knowledge and potentially increase their productivity.

  5. Scalability:

     Enterprises encounter serious problems when they try to implement a specialized print MIS system with better computational properties to cope with the complexity issue.

  6. Cost Management:

     Running the intricate application and maintenance of advanced calculation machines, unfortunately, also incurs costs.

  7. Regulatory Compliance:

    When complying with industry norms and regulations, the ability of the enterprise to be flexible is a phenomenon of increasing difficulty.

  8. Customization and Personalization:

     The quick delivery of the right pricing to customers is one of the hindrances that companies face in marketing.

PrintPLANR’s Advanced Solution

The solution to deal with these difficulties includes technological development, tactful planning, and continuous support that allows small entities to utilize fully the advantages that come from performing complex print estimate calculations in print MIS system.

PrintPLANR has addressed these challenges with advanced calculation functionality. No more one-size-fits-all commandments, dead-set formulas, and spatial constraints. PrintPLANR’s advanced calculations provide the users with new possibilities. This functionality allows customers to develop, for example, personalized estimate forms that respond to their specific needs.

Benefits of PrintPLANR’s Advanced Calculation Functionality

Advanced Calculations have considerably more uses than just conventional estimation techniques. This tool helps users simplify complex estimations by allowing them to:

Benefits of PrintPLANR’s Advanced Calculations

Customized Estimate Template

Flexibility is one of the main principles of print management, which always corresponds to dynamism. A printing estimate template that suits your requirements is the most needed feature, often missing in conventional print estimating systems. However, this has been covered by PrintPLANR’s MIS system.

Users can customize forms using features like adding fields with drop downs or input select options. It proves easier to manage different challenging printing tasks as a result of this flexibility with the customized estimate template feature.

Dynamic Formula Creation

What makes the difference in PrintPLANR’s advanced calculations is that there are no predefined rules or formulas. Users, in precise contrast with the old estimating forms, are no longer bound by the rigid rules. There are no methodologies such as the given formula to calculate. Customers will now be able to build formulations that coincide with their needs instead of manually constructing price lists that probably do not reflect their pricing structure.

Customized Necessity Forms

Estimating forms using one-size-fits-all metrics has become a thing of the past. Advanced Calculations allows users to build their own personalized forms with the help of the Advanced Calculation feature. In this case, you should, among other things, choose the field type input or drop-down and thus define the values in the latter.

Manage diverse environments for success

The module Advanced Calculations is very well integrated with MIS platforms and websites of shift marks, whether it is B2B or B2C web-to-print. This is why the dynamic package is multi-platform-friendly, which makes it easier for the users to engage in their respective tasks and increases efficiency.

What Drives the Advanced Calculations of the PrintPLANR?

Here are some of the key features of PrintPLANR’s Advanced Calculations

Advanced Calculations for Print Estimating System
  1. Custom Formula Creation:

    Experience the efficiency of our formula engine with its agile ability to respond. We are here to prompt your necessities, and you design your individual, always-effective algorithm for your company.

  2. Unrivalled Flexibility:

    No more pre-conceptual one-size-fits-all models. With PrintPLANR, transactions can be made online, providing cost and design-tailored estimates based on a Print Management Information System (MIS) or a B2B/B2C Web2Print platform.

  3. Tailored Fields:

    Define the needed fields, select your input or drop-down field types, and set options for drop-down fields. PrintPLANR availability ensures that your estimate template will fit your precise needs without any problem.

  4. User-Friendly Interface:

    PrintPLANR’s devotion to the user experience is clearly seen in its simple and usable design. Besides computations, this feature is also almost effortlessly used through the provision of training to users.

  5. Real-Time Price Calculation:

    Enjoy real-time price figure calculation and say goodbye to postponed estimation. By changing variables and parameters, our system automatically updates the estimates instantly, and by doing so, it offers users reliable and current pricing information.

  6. Seamless Integration:

    PrintPLANR is programmed with smooth-flowing processes. It can be used regardless of whether the management of the business is online or through the MIS platform. Do the calculation of material usage and prices at the same time and your client will get precise quotes.

Advanced calculation for customized cost estimate templates

B2B Web2print:

Regularly large and complex print projects are one of the areas where advanced calculation plays an important role in B2B web2print. PrintPLANR’s superior technology guarantees exact results, whether the input is in bulk or consists of complex customization requirements. This way, B2B companies are able to achieve excellence in print procurement through faster, smoother, and more easily processed operations.

B2C Web2print:

Customers will get immediate and accurate quotes, specify their print specifications, and select a simple ordering process. Through PrintPLANR, B2C web2print becomes highly effective and customer-tailored, which leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Seamless Integration with Excel:

Just drag and drop your existing formulas and calculations from Excel directly to PrintPLANR system, save time and add clarity to your report printouts. No need for re-inventing or creating new account specific file, just verify and upload yours to our file format and let adoption/integration happen automatically.

Simplified Costing, Complex Breakdown:

Enjoy the combination of classic and premium print shops with us, PrintPLANR. When showing clients our advanced and simple costing system, we also ensure that under the surface, the print estimating system gives out detailed cost breakdowns for any print element in the production.

Empowering Cost Accounting:

Not only will PrintPLANR provide you with incredible and resourceful backend capabilities, but the print job costs and profitability will be fully exposed to their depths. Track and analyze all aspects of your project activities one after another with this convenient and simple method, enabling you and leaders to make informed decisions and gain complete cost accountability.


Among other things, the decision to use better calculations offered by PrintPLANR means taking a multi-layered step towards unparalled customization and automation in the printing business.

Make your estimations simpler, improve your customer power, and keep ahead of your competition in the printing industry. Connect now to overcome complexity and proceed with the aid of these computation abilities, which are impressive in PrintPLANR today!