Managing All Printing Needs Under One Banner

A system’s peripheral devices are as much a part of it as are the main devices, and a printer is one of the most essential peripheral devices. The features for printing that come along with the main operating system leave a lot to be desired. Larger companies use a specialized software to optimize all these processes related to printing.

Print Management Software Solution

The term ‘printing devices’ broadly encompasses every imaginable kind of printing devices including, but not limited to the regular copiers, scanners, desktop printers, and high definition printers. A single software that manages all these devices and the processes sent out to them is called a Print Management Software Solution (PMSS).

Why use a separate software?

Print Management Software is usually a standalone application that can be used directly out of the box. But it can also be combined with other desktop tools making it a complete solution that also offers embedded functionality. An ideal print management system is on the cloud with scalable resources and has all features included without the need of other supporting tools.

What is different with PMSS?

Print Management Solution is a better version of a printer driver. It offers greater functionality for networked printers and makes managing multiple printers easier. PMSS usually works as an add-on tool that organizes the existing drivers and makes the optimal use of their varied features.

Types of Print Management Software

PMSS is usually of two types. The desktop style is the most similar to printer drivers, in the way it displays previews, combines multiple jobs and allows for editing of documents. The browser style PMSS mainly works with web pages by removing the content that cannot be printed (such as headers, footers, ads and flash images).

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