Essential Features To Look For In A Print CRM Software

The key to success in the highly competitive printing industry of today is client relationship management. Printing companies and businesses in the printing industry must effectively manage customer interactions, orders, and projects while delivering high-quality service. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help.

Let’s explore the significant benefits and crucial features of print CRM software to consider when selecting the ideal option.

Understanding Print CRM Software

Print CRM software is a specialized solution that assists print shops in managing their complete workflow. Print Management Software or Print MIS (Management Information System) software for the printing industry are other names for it. It aids print business owners in the management of all parts of their business, including customer relations, order management, production, and shipping.

Benefits of Print CRM Software

Print CRM software has become an essential tool for print businesses since it provides numerous benefits:

Order Monitoring:

Customers are always aware of the status of their orders thanks to real-time order tracking. Transparency increases trust and client satisfaction.

Simplified Workflow in a Print Business:

A good print CRM software works with the processes of your print business, from order creation to project completion. It makes production tracking and management simpler by reducing bottlenecks and errors.

Efficient CRM:

It aids in the development and maintenance of effective client connections by centralizing customer information, communication history, and order details.

Benefits of Print CRM Software

Scheduling and Automation:

Print CRM software allows you to schedule labor and automate routine tasks efficiently, leading to less manual work and more time for strategic decision-making.

Inventory Management:

You may manage and monitor your inventory to reduce the danger of overstocking or understocking materials.

Features to Look For in Print CRM

Here are some of the essential features to look for in print CRM software for your printing business.

Comprehensive Customer Management

A dependable print CRM software should include an effective customer management mechanism. This suggests that you should be able to effectively handle client data, correspondence records, and order histories.

PrintPLANR excels in this area, allowing you to track client interactions, manage contact information, and view the whole order history with ease, making customer relationship management a breeze.

Streamlined Workflow

The goal of print shop workflow software is to make your life easier. A solid print CRM should interact with your print shop’s workflow easily, providing capabilities such as job tracking, order processing, and production scheduling.

PrintPLANR ensures a streamlined and effective workflow, optimizing daily operations and increasing production.

Order Management

PrintPLANR excels at order management, which is critical in the printing sector. You can easily create and manage orders with the software. Quotes, sales orders, and invoices can be generated, and order statuses, quantities, and deadlines can be tracked.

This simplifies the entire order procedure and ensures that your consumers receive their orders on time.

Inventory Management

Print shops work with a wide range of materials and products. Inventory management tools in Print CRM software assist organizations in monitoring stock levels, avoiding overstocking or understocking, and optimizing supply chain operations.

Multi-Channel Communication

Effective customer communication is critical in today’s digital world. PrintPLANR provides a variety of contact channels, including email, SMS, and even web-based customer portals.

This ensures that you can reach out to your consumers via their preferred channels and keep them updated on the status of their orders at all times.

Features to Look For In Print CRM

Quoting and Estimation

Maintaining profitability requires accurate quoting and estimating. PrintPLANR has a tool that allows you to generate detailed quotations and estimates that consider material prices, labor costs, and other expenses.

This allows you to deliver precise pricing to your consumers and boosts your chances of securing contracts.

Scalability and customization

Every print business has its own set of requirements. PrintPLANR is extremely configurable, allowing you to personalize the system to your exact requirements.

Furthermore, the software is scalable, making it appropriate for both small print shops and large organizations, guaranteeing that it grows alongside your business.

Analytics and Reporting

You need data to make informed decisions and optimize your operations. The reporting and analytics features in PrintPLANR enable you to monitor key performance indicators, analyze sales patterns, and obtain insights into customer behavior.

This data-driven strategy can assist you in identifying opportunities for improvement and making strategic business decisions.

Customer Service and Training

A dependable CRM system should have outstanding customer service and training materials. PrintPLANR offers ongoing support and training to ensure that you get the most out of the program.

This guarantees that you and your team can use the system efficiently and that any issues are resolved as soon as possible.


Finally, investing in print CRM software such as PrintPLANR not only streamlines operations but also changes the way print businesses connect with their clients.

Print businesses may upgrade their services and prosper in the digital age by implementing crucial features such as extensive client databases, fast order and inventory management, precise quotations, and smooth communication tools.

Print CRM software that is coupled with other technologies, such as PrintPLANR’s print shop workflow software, improves efficiency. Integration ensures that data flows smoothly between systems, reducing manual errors and saving time.

Are you ready to transform your printing industry? Explore the world of PrintPLANR’s Print CRM software and see how it may help your business now. PrintPLANR helps you stay ahead, organized, and successful.