Multipurpose Print Broker Software | PrintPLANR

Print Brokers need a software that can automate the entire process flow from ordering, procurement to fulfillment.

PrintPLANR addresses this requirement very well with its Print Workflow Management Information System along with Web2Print ordering portal. This helps the Print Managers focus more on acquiring new clients whilst offering better customer support and services.

PrintPLANR is a cloud-based Print workflow management software. It also offers customer facing ordering portals with customization to suit customer specific demands and needs.

As a Print Manager (Broker) we understand you need all these vital functions to run your operations smoothly:

  • CRM system to manage your customer and prospects that includes basic CRM features;
  • RFQ system to allow your customers to request quote and suppliers to easily create and share quotes;
  • Ordering Portal for all your customers to view, design and order products. You approve these orders and get notified on its delivery;
  • An automated way to have these orders directly sent to designated suppliers and let the system monitor its production, shipment & delivery;
  • Warehousing with Inventory Management to keep track of products;
  • Invoicing and Payment for accounting purposes;
  • Dashboard, reporting and alerts for KPIs and to measure the success of the business.
Apart from the above, PrintPLANR introduces AUTOMATION, which is a great way for you to set business rules for the software to act. For example, how cool will it be to have the customer orders directly reach suppliers along with Purchase Order and Delivery Instructions? And when the Supplier is done, have a rule to inform your customers of its shipment along with consignment details? These are some of the many rules you can set to enable an open and smooth fulfillment process and a better ROI on your investment. Try PrintPLANR for free this month and grow more with our unmatched Print MIS and Web2Print Solution.