Must-Have Features For Print Business

A print management solution helps you create and share print estimates in a jiffy and ensures timely order fulfillment.

A good print management software also provides its users notifications at each stage of this process.

Some features that can make a print management system an ideal Print MIS System for your business:

Advanced CRM:

Given that a print business will have a huge number of leads and customers, it becomes necessary to keep their details in hand for an organized workflow. A reliable print software like PrintPLANR also has data of suppliers along with leads and customers and is easily accessible from a single place as required.

Job Information:

Data regarding jobs or client details can be collected via various means such as emails, phone calls or even walk-ins. Having all of the data synced into a central place is the catch! Especially for larger projects, a central job information collection becomes mandatory and this is what a good print solution must promise you.

Print Estimation:

Estimating print costs based on project details is exciting! No manual calculation is required and thus, errors are discarded too. Print estimates prior the commencement of a job will provide you a better insight and thus better decision making. These estimates will be calculated depending on the quantity and quality of inventory used, type of printing and the print surface.

Online Ordering Option:

A print store can have online ordering option with Web to Print Software module for B2B and B2C customers. A customer with a happy experience will definitely return! Have a module that’s simple to use and works effectively with desired features included.

Inventory Management:

With a good inventory management system in place, you can easily avoid unnecessary bulk purchases which may go being wasted in the future. A good print management software will alert you when a product’s low in stock, meaning you will never have to run out of stock on a product. If you are allowed to set the threshold for alerts yourself, it’s even more beneficial.

Pre-press and proofing:

Depending upon the type of print you need, there will be various files representing each type. These files must be created to be readily usable for printing. Various personalization calls for multiple files and all of these must be rightly framed. Pre-press or a good job set-up is what a reliable print software will have as one of its features. Online proofing also allows for confirmation from responsible persons before finalizing files to be sent for printing.

Managing Production:

A print job involves a lot of smaller tasks in itself and handling these is termed as ‘production management’ as at the end, the output is produced. These tasks include scheduling the print process for various inputs and verifying before the final output such as the color. The final aim of production management is thus reduced and errors in output are warded off, as every process is automated with the help of the print software.

Managing digital assets:

Manage digital assets such as files, images, logos, photographs that will be used in print jobs. Keep a track of licensing of these assets with the help of a good print software.

Seamless mailing, shipping & fulfillment:

Also termed as delivery management, a print software that supports will take care of all mailing and delivery related tasks. The mailing module will help eliminate duplicates from the list and ensure that you comply with standard rules, making the process much easier. The shipping and fulfillment process will ensure that catalogs and other stationery are delivered to the right recipient – be it an individual or a store.


An invoicing module in a print software is as important as any other step. It will create accurate invoices for each and every job once product gets shipped, based on the inventory used. A good print software will also send out reminders for unpaid invoices.

Here’s how PrintPLANR works as a complete Print MIS:

  • Print Estimates – Accurate print estimates to evaluate jobs and make a decision to go further.
  • CRM – Advanced CRM system to view and manage your customers, prospects and suppliers in one place. Add reminders and customize widgets on the dashboard, add custom fields, create reports and even export data.
  • Data Sync – Auto sync of data regarding web and mobile versions ensures accurate data retrieval at any point of time.
  • Web2Print – This module allows for separate B2B and B2C online storefront or eStore creation. Create corporate or generic print shops while customers can proof orders before they place.
  • Online Design Studio – Approve, modify and improvise order designs through the online design studio module. Separate exclusive features for admin as well as end-user.
  • Invoicing: Automated invoice creation based on the relevant job, option to build reports and export data.
  • Job and inventory management: All details regarding job – including placement and order tracker plus the inventory – all in one place.

PrintPLANR has all your data in one place and you can find a list of performed operations with updated data at any point of time.

PrintPLANR organizes you print business like never before. Try it yourself to see the difference.