Sign Estimating Software: PRINTPLANR Makes Sign Printing Easy For Your Business

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  • Signage industry always did and will continue to have an upper hand in the success of any business. A print sign estimating software lets you relax and takes over the toughest part of signage print jobs for you so you can relax.

    PrintPLANR is a sign estimating software that’s a result of real-time analysis of printing business and is built for sign printers to improve their business with least effort.

    PrintPLANR is easily the best print estimating software that is available in India for the signage industry. An easy-to-use print solution which is also great to use as it needs no technical knowledge for usage.

    You do not need months together just to get your staff acquainted with the solution. The PrintPLANR team gives the required basic training that is easy to grasp. 

    The digital print estimating software reduces your task by cutting off manual jobs and thus making tasks accurate and less error-prone.

    The versatile print solution for the signage industry allows you to create your own inventory and a lot more so the software can easily be modified for varying needs. Built with latest technologies, it is also future-ready and thus highly secure in terms of investment.

    Highly customizable and modular PrintPLANR is affordable by all business sizes. It serves as a complete print management information system not just for print businesses but for print brokers too.

    What does PrintPLANR offer the signage industry?


    Customer relationship management is a crucial module and to succeed, every business is well-focused on keeping its customers satisfied. With prospects, you need to set a follow up plan in place to increase the chances of converting them into customers.

    PrintPLANR offers CRM module that offers features like tasks/calls that you can assign to individual staff members who will follow up as assigned.

    Print Estimation:

    Accurate print estimates are complicated enough to calculate manually. PrintPLANR takes over this hard part and gives you accurate print estimates so you can analyze cost splitting that you can directly share with your customer who can approve it online.


    Create unlimited B2B storefronts for corporate customers and B2C stores for public customers. Options to set products as editable is a sure shot to impress your customer! Multiple payment gateways offer great flexibility.

    Online Design Studio:

    For any sign, the major criteria is how clear it is for the targeted audience. That’s why the digital print estimating software PrintPLANR offers the Online Design Studio (ODS) where customer can view, edit and then place their print order. You can either set auto-approval or manually approve these orders to pass through till the final print. Avoid any wasted prints.


    System-generated as well as customized reporting options let you create reports for any relevant module and any specified time period. These reports help you analyze customer behavior, total order amount and so on. Decision makers can thus take the best decisions for your business based on the collected data.

    When you have decided to invest in the software, why not spend a minute to analyze the features that you specially need? Let automation make a difference to your signage business and help you reach your goals effortlessly!

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