What Makes Us Industry Leaders In Providing Print Solution?

Automated print solution for printers and print brokers is what Infomaze aimed at, and is proud to present to you the modern Print MIS Software Solution PrintPLANR.

The cloud-based solution for printers works great for master print franchises too. Highly customizable and affordable print MIS solution with no compromise on quality is now a reality with PrintPLANR. Web2Print module makes your online presence attractive and prominent. Also, being a cloud solution, PrintPLANR can be accessed from anywhere.

To start with, Infomaze was one of the first ever to create cloud-based print solutions for the web and later went on to extend it to go mobile, helping our clients stay tough in the competition. What’s more? Our print solution is award-winning and offers multiple modules suitable for all business sizes.

What makes us the industry leader for Print Solution? Below are some top-notch features that are part of our Print MIS and Web2Print Solution:

Advanced CRM and Dashboard display real-time data in a comprehensive manner – thanks to business intelligence techniques. Various data visualization tools ensure graphical and chart representations in highly readable formats via customizable widgets.

Multiple views for each module, create customized reports by mentioning any preferred duration.

Reports can be downloaded or printed or exported as per your convenience.

Multiple custom objects for flexibility.


Open options to link with multiple leading accounting packages, campaign software, reliable payment gateways and so much more. Don’t ever let your customer face inconvenience during transactions.

No need to handle multiple software for various actors. You can link all actors including customers, suppliers, vendors, artwork designers, printer, print brokers and the rest via our one-stop print software solution.
Gantt Chart Application

Incorporates latest solutions like Gantt Chart to help plan press schedules seamlessly yet accurately in real time. Wards off unnecessary communication requiring multiple phone calls.